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Department of Medical and Biological Bases of Physical Education and Sport

The department was established in 1992 as the result of reorganization of the Department of Civil Defense (1966-1992), with the name being the Department of Fundamentals of Medical Care and Child Health Protection.  I. Yamkovyi was the first head of the department. In 2004 the department got the name of Sports Medicine and the Fundamentals of Medical Care, and was headed by Associate Professor V. Pavlovskyi.  Since 2009 the department has had the name of Medical and Biological Principles of Physical Education and Sport, headed by PhD (Biology) N. Korniichuk.

At different times the staff of the department included: Assistant Professors E. Levytskyi, V. Krasnomovets, V. Hrechanskyi, experienced doctors M. Tsvetkov, Ye. Pidvysotskyi, H. Babenkova, V. Batrak, A. Yakuba, M. Ishchenko, A. Arkhypov, N. Borodetska, P. Smetannykov, O. Semotiuk.

More than 12 thousand graduates were certified as medical attendants.

The department hosted numerous conferences for the instructors in medical care from higher pedagogical educational establishments of Ukraine, seminars for the instructors in civil defense, seminars for deputy heads of the military district headquarters of USSR in civil defense.

Today, the department staff includes: PhD (Biology) N. Korniichuk, Associate Professor, PhD (Medical Science) V. Pavlovskyi, Associate Professor, PhD (Biology) V. Horoshchenko, PhD (Medical Science) D. Shevchuk, Associate Professor, PhD (Biology) R. Vlasenko, PhD (Medical Science) P. Yavorskyi, instructors L. Hnenna, N. Borodetska, A. Shaiuk, H. Yamkova, V. Bilous, L. Shuliar, O. Smolyhin.

5 rooms are at the department disposal, equipped with modern devices to facilitate education process. Research is constantly carried out at the department. Associate Professor I. Yamkov published more than 50 works, including 2 monographs.

Department staff cooperates with the Red Cross organization, providing help to those who need it, carry out sanitary, moral and aesthetic education with students, hold extra-curricular talks with students on different medical issues.

The major aspect of department work is training students in medical care, teaching skills, sports medicine, healthy way of life.