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Department of Physical Education and Recreation

The Department of Physical Education and Recreation was founded in 1947. Its first head was G. L. Matiushenko (1947–1971). In subsequent years the department were L. M. Miller (1971–1974), I. A. Hupalyuk (1974–1978), Associate Professor L. R. Ayunts (1978–1983; 2003–2005), Doctor of Science in Physical Education and Sports, Prof. R. F. Akhmetov (1984–2003), associate professor M. Z. Crook (2005–2013), in September 2013 the department is headed by Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor G. P. Hryban.

In different years the department of physical education work a lot of teacher: P. A. Zhabenko, Y. P. Vinetskyy, L. I. Bat, V. A. Stupak, Y. Fighters, V. K. Dryuchyna, T. Hosteva, V. L. Popik, L. V. Kotvytska, V. V. Nikitenko, V. A. Petrov, M. P. Schenin, M. A. Ostroumenko, V. M. Kulyba, V. P. Pestle, J. M. Voloven, S. S. Nikolaichuk, V. M. Marchuk, Z. I. Horbatovska, master of sports of Ukraine in athletics, bobsleigh and fire-applied sport SP Shelesko and XXIV and XXV participant of the Olympic Games, the master of sports of international class is I. Yevseyeva.

Appreciation university staff received during sports and theatrical shows at the central stadium of the city dedicated to meeting the Olympic flame relay (1980) and 1100th anniversary of Zhytomyr (1984). Honorary right to carry the Olympic torch through the territory of Zhytomyr won senior lecturer in physical education R. F. Akhmetov, Y. A. Nabokov and student of Physics and Mathematics O. Habchuk.

Faculty provides educational process on physical training of students of all faculties and institutes, improve their sports skills, take part in educational work in the dormitories and academic groups, organizing research, conducting sports events and more.

The department works actively to improve the quality of physical education at the university, to update the educational and methodological provision of a discipline, to make forms and methods of educational and training process more various.

The department regularly conducts methodical seminars on topics which are aimed to improve the quality of the educational and training process, introduct modern educational and health-caring technologies, to use the results of scientific researches to train future teachers. Textbooks and monographs, methodical and recommendations are published systematically.

In 2013–2015 the department issued more than 140 scientific and methodical works, including six textbooks (two of them are the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine), four monographs. At the annual regional competition «Best Book of the Year» in the category «From the depths of knowledge» won the textbook «Methodical system of physical education students» (by Professor G. P. Hryban); in the category «Our Land» — won the book «History of gymnastic society „Sokol“ in Volyn» (authors: the Researcher O. S. Kuharskiy and Professor G. P. Hryban). The Doctor of Pedagogics, Professor G. P. Hryban became the winner of educational innovations «Innovation in Education — 2014».

The scientific contacts and cooperation of the department are connected with the National Pedagogical University of M. P. Dragomanova, Lviv State University of Physical Culture, the State University of Telecommunications. There are volleyball, basketball, football, mini-football, table tennis, aerobics, athletics, chess, powerlifting, and judo sections at the Department.

University students successfully perform at local, regional, national and international interuniversity competitions. For strengthening the health of students and teachers annually at the University Olympics are held. Masters of sports for years at university became more than 50 students. Among them: Athletics — M. Samborska, V. Romaniuk, J. Ilkevych, B. Markusevych, Vladimir Martynyuk, N. Konovalov, A. Malivskyy A. Lohvynchuk, O. Palamarchuk, V. Hranko; Football — N. Gorelov; Chess — L. Muchnik, N. Hasyunas, A. Huzman, I. Vaynerman, S. Okhrimenko; Gymnastics — Veselova, A. Dubovitskii, V. Stavska, T. Kabachuk, N. Matiushenko; Cycling — N. Shvedyuk, A. Sedov; radiosport — M. Grytsyk; Wrestling — M. Prikhodko, F. Demyanets; Shooting — N. Peters, sports acrobatics — A. Kaminski.

In addition, graduates of Physics and Mathematics departments L. Muchnik and A. Huzman became international grandmaster in chess, V. Martynyuk from the Faculty of Philology in 1986 — the winner of Games of Ukraine and Olympics silver medalist of the USSR in athletics, student of the Faculty of Philology N. Konovalov repeatedly won the championship of Ukraine in athletics, students of the Faculty of Nature N. Bovsunivska and N. Tsapun became the winners of the championship of Ukraine in judo, student socio-psychological faculty, master of sports of international class A. Mykytiuk — champion of Ukraine and Europe, the owner of the World Cup of Kickboxing.

Recent achievements of our students are also impressive: students of the Institute of Foreign Languages, Master of Sportw of Ukraine V. Zolotareva, E. Gordienko, I. Yanushevska were winners of World Cup in sports aerobics; Student at the Institute of Education M. Sipliva and the student of socio-psychological faculty V. Kononenko became the Cup owners of Ukraine aerobics; Karate champions of Ukraine are K. Dolezhal (Physics and Mathematics) and A. Kolodyuk (the Institute of Foreign Languages); A. Chernenko (socio-psychological department) — multiple winner of national competitions in swimming and triathlon, a member of the national team of Ukraine; A. Rudiuk (the Institute of Foreign Languages) — Champion of Ukraine on swimming (Invasport). University Students M. Sipliva, A. Buravska were members of the national team of Ukraine, also they took part in the finals of the World Universiade (m. Shenzhen, China, 2011).

The Department of Physical Education and Recreation is actively working and creates new scientific and methodological support of educational process on physical education of students and is developing new forms of content and independent work in the light of the new Law of Ukraine on Education.