Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

The faculty of physics and mathematics was founded on October 16, 1919. Till 1932 more than 150 teachers of mathematics and physics became graduates of the faculty. After a several years break, the faculty resumed its functioning in the fall of 1948 with two departments — of mathematics and of physics, and 50 first-year students.

The first dean of the faculty was V. M. Kostarchuk, appointed to the position in October of 1948. Then, the faculty was headed by T. H. Mamyshev (1954–1961), associate professors L. M. Bilous (1961–1967), A. V. Nesterchuk (1967–1969), P. A. Veshchytskyui (1969–1979), V. P. Radzyvil (1979–1985), L. P. Tarhonskyi (1985–2003). Since 2003 the faculty is headed by associate professor A. Ts. Franovskyi.

The School offers the opportunities in obtaining the degree in:

  • Mathematics and Physics;
  • Mathematics and the Fundamentals of Computer Science;
  • Physics and Mathematics;
  • Computer Science.

The Faculty has set up 15 advanced hardware laboratories for conducting classes in physics, 8 laboratories for teaching computer science with 110 up-to-date computers, and a specialized library.

Faculty staff includes 5 professors (4 of which hold the DSc title), 19 associate professors, PhDs, and 33 instructors.

As a result of IV level accreditation in 2003–2004, the school has been granted the right to conduct training in economics and applied mathematics in addition to the existing courses.

The school has implemented breakthrough innovations in student training, such as the module rating system and the credit module system, as well as methods and techniques of remote online training.

Students of the school take part in scientific research contests and have repeatedly won first prizes, engage in sport activities showing outstanding results among the students of the university, and participate in amateur talent groups. In 1980s a folk song choir “Yateriv” was formed, which has been nationally acclaimed.

The school works in close collaboration with the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico and the Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine. The school conducts investigations of the theory and methods of teaching mathematics in high and secondary school, the theory of random processes, and the applications of mathematical physics and the mechanics of the Solid State.

Our scholars have been investigating the Theory of Liquid Crystals as a part of the agreement with the Liquid Crystal Institute of the Kent State University, USA. They have been working on the issues of theoretical physics, theories and methods of teaching physics in high and secondary school. In cooperation with the scholars of the Kyiv university, they took part in developing the “Vostok” Space Programme. Prof. M. Tsilynko has developed devices, which are now being used in schools and universities all across Ukraine.

About 30% of students of the Faculty conduct scientific research and present them at various regional and national contests. The students with the highest scores are encouraged to pursue MA programs, which enables them to teach at institutes and universities. Some of the alumni work at leading research institutes of USA, Germany and Canada.