Our university has a long and glorious tradition that we preserve and multiply today. It has passed its difficult and thorny path, the path marked by scientific and educational laurels, prominent personalities as well as groundless accusations and political repression. However, despite all the obstacles, the oldest in Zhytomyr region institute of higher education continued to work and develop in various forms imposed by authorities and the merited idea of science and enlightment has always been dominant in it.

The powerful potential of the teaching staff, upgraded material and technical supply, modern innovative learning technologies have added to its growing into one of the most prestigious educational establishments of Ukraine. Its more than 80-thousand army of graduates works in all corners of Ukraine as well as abroad. Among them there are famous scholars — mathematicians, physicists, biologists, geologists, linguists, historians, writers, managers of education, diplomats, politicians and state figures. Due to their activities, research and teaching achievements our university is highly valued not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders.

International Academic Rating of popularity and quality acknowledged the university as “The symbol of classical education”. ZSU has been praised with silver medal “Glory of allegiance to the Motherland”, it is the holder of silver Stella and the Diploma of quality. Achievements of the university are awarded with honorary prizes of prestigious ratings of “Sofia Kyivska”, “Assembly of business circles of Ukraine”, International Fund for high quality in business (Geneva), Club of the Rectors of Europe and Nominating Committee of the European Business Assembly (Oxford).

Our graduates have profound fundamental knowledge, are flexible and quickly adapting to any changes, capable to work in more than one occupational position, maintaining composure under uncertainty and absolute confusion —employers struggle for such high-class professionals.

Our students get all that meets the requirements of modern professional model: deep professional knowledge, computer using skills, proficiency in one or two foreign languages. If desired, they can get several trades (tutor, secretary, computer operator, hairdresser, driver, etc.). From very first days at university students are involved in research work, they continue education at master’s and postgraduate courses to receive PhD and DSc/DLett degrees in perspective. Scientific investigations of our graduates are highly respected in their spheres. They are winners of prestigious competitions and awards of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

During last decades 17 scientific schools, 20 scientific research centers, 30 research scientific and research methodological laboratories emerged. Scientists of the university during only 2009-2013 published more than 15 thousand scientific and methodological works, won over twenty grants for scientific investigations in linguistics, psychology, physics, biology and chemistry, all that testifies to intensive research work of all 41 departments. The university publishes 6 scientific journals that have high positions among Ukraine publications.

Due to close scientific and educational connections with university centres in the U.S., Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Austria, Mexico, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia and other countries faculty and students can participate in various competitions, conduct joint academic researches, practice, study and continue their education abroad.

Our University not only gives the fundamental knowledge, develops love for scientific and educational activities, but also indicates the civilization level of the region and the state as a whole. One of its features is democratization and humanization of relations between teachers and students. The university has awards system (“Best student of ZSU”, “Glory of ZSU”, “Honoured employee of ZSU”, “Honoured Doctor of ZSU”, “Distinguished Professor of ZSU”), which provides the promotion of any constructive work of students and teachers for the benefit of the University, region and state as a whole.

Established at the University the Student Fellowship jointly with the administration organizes life in a way that no one of more than ten thousandth university family stands aside cultural and social life of the collective. Here, in the centre of the student government, cultural and educational centres the best features of character, management skills, cultural and aesthetic values are formed. Our students are editors and reporters of newspapers and student radio and television, members of art clubs, amateur art activities, youth social service, legal clinics, career centre, KVN teams, clubs, numerous sports clubs and many other entities that are well-known not only in Zhytomyr region, but also far beyond its borders.

Today University is a complex multy-structural system that includes a number of educational, scientific and industrial complexes, inter-university research centres and institutes, many libraries, local computer network, observatory, agrobiostation, dining room, cafe, buffets, publishing centre, 5 dormitories and modern sports complex.

Far not every university has the following possibilities. But more serious are our plans related to the movement to the European educational space, especially, due to university management system informatization, establishment of efficient E-library, wide access to the Internet, access to the international system of libraries, distant education, science and technology cluster, and much more.

Our teaching staff consists of professionals holding DSc/DLett, PhD degrees, who work as professors, associate professors, lecturers and instructors. Within 95-year performance of the university eminent teacher culture was formed. That’s why we had, have and always will have Korolenkos, Tens, Bondarchuks, Kasymenkos...

Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University is confidently moving to the future. By joint efforts faculty, students and staff continue to create University history. Teaching staff is optimistic about the future because there is every reason for confidence that the coming years and decades will be the time of new creative victories and achievements. Today our university is prestigious, tomorrow it will be one of the most prestigious, and the right to work and study there will be a great honour.