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Department of Olympic and Professional Sports

The department was formed on September 2, 2013. The department is headed by PhD (Physical Education and Sports) Tetiana Iavorska. The department is a part of the School of Physical Education and Sports.

Scientific research of the department aims at improving teaching and training sportsmen of different sports, introducing innovative techniques in training sports teams of ZSU, studying international experience of holding student sports competitions, realization of all the existing potential to achieve maximum results.

Being experienced professionals, the department staff facilitate greatly the development of different kinds of sport at ZSU. They coach student sports teams, which take part in international, national, regional and city competitions, often winning them.

Up to now the department includes 10 instructors: Assistant professors — the department of Physical Education T. Ie. Iavorska, V. K. Shaverskiy, instructors — the department of Physical Education O. V. Husarevych, instructors — A. Z. Kruk; T. V. Kaftanova; O. M. Daniuk; M. P. Sarancha; I. V. Mychka; V. A. Kucheruk; Adjunct professor — V. P. Tolkach.

The perspective and priorities of the department is to improve quality of:

  • Educational activity of instructors;
  • Research activities;
  • Educational and methodical activities of instructors.

Instructors held open lectures and practical classes on educational disciplines.

Research activities of the department:

In general, qualitative indicator of the teaching staff of the department of Olympic and Professional Sports is characterized by the dynamics of growth. Teaching staff of the department consist of 10 instructors (9 regular and 1 adjunct), including 3 PhD in physical education and sport.

Instructors and scientists of the department actively participate in international, national and regional conferences:

  • «Modern scientific achievements» (Mykolaiv, 2008);
  • «Young sports science of Ukraine» (Lviv, 2009, 2010, 2012);
  • «The first step in science» (Luhansk, 2009);
  • «Physical training — health of students» (Donetsk, 2009);
  • «Physical culture, sport and the health of the nation» (Vinnytsia, 2009);
  • «Problems of physical health of specialists of XXI Century» (Kirovohrad, 2009);
  • VI National Conference of students and young scientists «Youth: education, science and spirituality» (April 20-23, 2009, Kyiv);
  • «Olympic sport, physical culture, health of the nation in modern conditions» (Luhansk, 2009);
  • «Modern problems of physical education and sport students and students of Ukraine» (Sumy, 2010);
  • XIV International Scientific Congress «Olympic Sport and Sport for All», dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine (Kyiv, 2010);
  • Reporting conferences Zhytomyr State University named after Ivan Franko 2006-2010;
  • Regional scientific-practical conference «Professional competence of future teachers of primary and pre-school education in universities» (May 18, 2011, Zhytomyr);
  • All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference «Higher Education in Nursing: problems and prospects» (November 10-11, 2011, Zhytomyr);
  • VIII International scientific conference «Physical culture, sports and health of the nation» (November 3-4, 2011, Vinnytsia);
  • XII International Scientific Conference «Physical Culture, Sport and Health» (December 1-2, 2011, Kharkiv);
  • Third All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of young scientists and students «Biological research — 2012» (April 26, 2012, Zhytomyr);
  • Roundtable «Intellectual, academic and creative talent: common and different» (January 20, 2012, Kyiv);
  • Regional scientific-practical conference «Innovative experience of teachers of preschool and primary education Zhytomyr» (April 25, 2012, Zhytomyr);
  • International scientific and practical conference «Advances in science. Modern perspectives, problems and innovations »/" Postepów w nauce. Nowe poglady, problemy, innowacje «(29.07.2012-31.07.2012, Lodz \ Lódz);
  • Fourth international exhibition „Modern educational establishments — 2013“ in the category: Professional activities of teachers in innovative education. The content, forms, methods, formation of modern technology teacher in the innovation process (February 28 — March 2, 2013, Kyiv);
  • International scientific and practical conference „Theoretical and practical scientific innovation“ / „Teoretyczne i praktyczne innowacje naukowe / (29.01.2013 — 31.01.2013) — Krakow \ Kraków, 2013;
  • XVII scientific conference „Young sports science Ukraine — 2013“ (March 28 — 30, 2013, Lviv);
  • All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference for young scientists „Master in European integration processes under conditions of higher school“ (April 18-19, 2013, Zhytomyr);
  • Fourth All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of young scientists and students „Biological research — 2013“ (April 16-18, 2013, Zhytomyr);
  • Third Student Scientific Conference „Student sports science — 2013“ (April 16, 2013, Zhytomyr);
  • VII International scientific and practical conference „The latest scientific achievements — 2013“ Physical culture and sport / 3.Sportivnaya medicine and rehabilitation (17.03 — 03.25.2013, Sofia, Bulgaria);
  • All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference „Preparing teachers to state standards of preschool and primary education“ (March 20, 2013, Zhytomyr);
  • III All-Russian Congress with international participation „Sports Medicine — 2013“ (April 9-10, 2013);
  • VI Festival „Youth chooses health“ (May 15, 2013, Zhytomyr);
  • Regional competition of students’ Leader of the Year „in the direction“ Implementation of projects Auditions league Ukraine „in the section“ Delegates children’s rights„,“ movement leaders, “» You’re not one «(June 19-20, 2013, Zhytomyr)
  • International scientific and practical conference «The student sports movement: the state, problems and prospects of development» (21.11.- 22.11.2013., Krasnoyarsk);
  • Scientific-practical conference «Innovative technologies in training athletes» (November 27, 2013, Moscow);
  • XIII International scientific conference «Physical culture, sport and health» (December 5-6, 2013, Kharkiv);
  • XVIII conference «Young sports science Ukraine — 2014» (March 27- 29, 2014, Lviv);
  • V International scientific-practical conference «Modern problems and prospects of development of physical education, health and training of future specialists in physical education and sport» (March 20-21, 2014, Kyiv);
  • X International scientific-practical conference «Modern scientific achievements — 2014» (01/27/2014 — 02/05/2014, the Czech Republic, Prague);
  • International scientific-practical conference «Modern science. New Perspectives »/ Zbiór raportów naukowych na materialach Miedzynarodowej naukowo-praktycznej konferencji «Wspólczesna nauka. Nowe perspektywy» / (30.01.2014 — 31.01.2014, Bydgoszcz \ Bydgoszcz);
  • International scientific and practical conference «Young sports science in Belarus» (April 8-10, 2014, the Republic of Belarus, Minsk);
  • «European scientific and practical conference of psychologists and teachers,» International scientific-practical conference of teachers and psychologists «The generation of a new stage» (March 5, 2014, the Czech Republic, Prague);
  • All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference «Modernization of higher education in Ukraine and abroad» (April 18, 2014, Zhytomyr);
  • IV Student Scientific Conference «Student sports science — 2014» (May 27, 2014, Zhytomyr);
  • IX International scientific conference «Physical culture, sport and health of the nation» (October 23-25, 2014, Vinnytsia).

Research findings of the instructors of the department of Olympic and Professional Sports are represented in publications.

The Department staff annually take part in the organization of scientific-methodical seminars. Instructors regularly attend international seminars and congresses, monitor new scientific developments, adopt the experience of leading researchers in other cities and countries.

Aims of department methodological work

  • to improve training aids for all the courses according to the constantly rising demands to higher educational establishments;
  • to contribute to ZSU’s library with department’s works;
  • to publish teaching and methodological aids and handbooks;
  • to introduce innovative techniques of training students majoring in «Physical Education»
  • to change course programs according to the changes in teaching guidelines;
  • to upgrade professionalism of the department staff.