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Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education

Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education was founded on June 28 2003. Headed by Doctor of Science of Physical Education and Sport, Professor R. F. Akhmetov.

Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education is a graduating Department at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport for training students’ direction of preparation «Physical education*». Educational and training and upbringing process, scientific and methodological work carried by highly industry experts of «Physical Culture and Sports» such as: Doctor of Physical Education professor R. F. Ahmetov, Candidates of Sciences in Physical Education and Sport, Doctor of Science of Physical Education and Sport T. B. Kutek, Candidates of Sciences in Physical Education and Sport, Associate Professor I. I. Vovchenko, Senior Lecturer I. Y. Tmashevskyy, teachers Y. S. L³ashko (Deputy Dean on educational work), L. I. Levchuk, A. M. Laychuk, D. O. Hedzyuk. In the department working senior laboratory assistants: V. V. Ostrynskyy, O. O. Bondaruk.

At different years at the Department worked: V. M. Marchuk, L. Y. Myhnitskyy, N. V. Tulenko, A. V. Nikitin, V. V. Starunov, D. M. Boyko, D. R. Melnychuk, Y. A. Nabokov, honored coach of Ukraine B. O. Revnivtsev, I. A. Keselman.

Department is actively working to improve the quality of education, updating and improving teaching and methodological support discipline, diversification of forms and methods of educational and training process, the implementation of the module-rating knowledge control system, testing professional training of students. Teachers of the department study and implement advanced experience of leading industry experts.

At the department regularly conducted methodical seminars, their topic is directed on improving the quality of educational and training process, introduction of modern achievements of education, Sports Science in the training of future teachers of Physical Culture. Systematically developed methodological developments and recommendations, training manuals. The Department traditionally conduct methodical seminars for teachers of Physical Education and Coaches of region. Teaching and educational and training process is carried out the interconnection scientific research with the educational process, based on transition from information — message and explanation — illustrative learning to problem-productive learning.

The essence of such training is not only the transfer and assimilation of knowledge, their ability to reproduce and apply in practice, but also includes problem solving based on mastery experiences and creative work. Such approach promotes more effective improvement of pedagogical skills of future teachers of physical training, improve educational process, promotes renewal of the training content, implementation of active forms and methods, improving the quality of educational and training process as a whole.

The work of the department directed on sport and pedagogical quality teaching disciplines of educational work in the hostels and academic groups, organization of research work of sport events. Every year Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Education organizes and holds competitions «Erudite», «What, where, when?», different fairs and exhibitions. Takes an active part in the different educational, sporting and mass events of department.

O popularize and development of the Olympic Movement, Olympic education, spread among students comprehensive knowledge about the Olympic Movement, the promotion and realization of the Olympic ideals teachers of the department created gallery «The emergence and development of the Olympic movement».

In addition, since 2010 at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, as the center of the regional branch of the Olympic Ukraine’s Academy, established Student’s Committee of Olympic Education (SCOE). The purpose of the Student’s Committee of Olympic Education is a forming values of the Olympic ideals, popularizing among pupils and students participated in organization of sports events, sports holidays and Olympic classes. Members of the Student’s Committee of Olympic Education participate in organization of different sport events:

  • Sport quizzes, contests, fun starts, flash mobs.
  • The final stage of the All-Ukrainian regional sport events among children is a «Winter Olympic Stork».
  • Relay race on skis.
  • Press conference with the famous athletes, coaches and deserved master of sport. Evenings of Sport Fame.
  • The final stage of the All-Ukrainian regional sport events among children is an «Olympic Stork».
  • Olympic Day.
  • Competitions of drawings on asphalt among children in the Olympic and sport theme.
  • Bicycle relay «Give fire of victory».
  • «Olympic lessons» as part of the Olympic week of master classes in judo, modern pentathlon, swimming, triathlon, kickboxing, sports aerobics, football.
  • Drive on bicycles, football competitions, Olympic quizzes.
  • Open swimming tournament in memory of Hero of the Soviet Union N. Sosninoyi.
  • International boxing tournament «A» class among young people for the prizes of the Klitschko brothers.