Department of the Slavic and the Germanic Languages

The Chair traces its history from the founding of the University on October 16, 1919. At first it was the Chair of the Russian Language, then it became the Chair of the Slavic Languages, and now it is the Chair of the Slavic and the Germanic Languages. During the time thousands of philologists and scholars were trained by the lecturers. Nowadays the Chair consists of 15 lecturers, including 8 Candidates of Philological and Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professors.

The lecturers of the Chair of the Slavic and the Germanic languages provide the educational process in the ESI of Philology and Journalism and teach 36 normative and selective disciplines and special courses of professionally-oriented training.

The common research topic of the chair «The topical issues of the research of a text: semantics, paradigmatics, linguodidactic and psycholinguistic aspects» is carried out in the directions in accordance with the training of specialists:

  • psycholinguistic researches of the language and conceptual pictures of the world of native speakers of the Ukrainian and Russian languages, as well as associative influence of English on the picture of the world of Ukrainians (Associate Professor T. Ye. Nedashkivska, postgraduates);
  • methodological aids of teaching of general linguistic disciplines and learning packs «Lingvonavigator», «Lingvocompass», «The Polish Language», «Culture-oriented linguistics» creating;
  • Polish Studies and the journal «Ukrainian Polish Studies» publishing (Associate Professor N. K. Misiats);
  • creating of the set of texts of the XVII century and the Dictionary of the Polish Language of the XVII Century in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Poland (lecturer O. Yu. Makarova);
  • innovative methods of the Russian language teaching (Associate Professor N. K. Misiats) and participation in creative teams on writing school textbooks on Russian for 5-9 grades (Associate Professor A. M. Pryimak);
  • the improvement of methods of English teaching and writing textbooks on Practical English Course (Associate Professors I. M. Vasyliuk, V. L. Vyhivskyi, instructor A. M. Velyka);
  • fundamentals of vocational training of the English language (Associate Professors O. L. Bashmanivskyi, S. B. Morkotun).