Department of the Ukrainian Language

Department of the Ukrainian Language was founded in 1929. In different periods of time it was headed by I. G. Marchenko, associate professors T. V. Baimut, M. M. Bogdan. From 1973 to 2001 professor Nykonchuk and from 2001 to 2003 associate professor V. M. Moisiyenko were the heads. From 2003 to 2013 associate professor G. I. Grymashevych was in charge. Since 2013 the head of the chair has been professor V. M. Moisiyenko. During the entire period of chair functioning the knowledge of the Ukrainian language has been given by lecturers: Ye. M. Kudrytsky, M. U. Karans’ka, M. V. Kravchuk, N. A. Tytarenko, O. Yu. Tsilynko, L. I. Bondarchuk, K. Ya. Klymova, M. M. Bogdan, O. M. Nykonchuk, V. V. Vlasenko, P. F. Romaniuk, V. L. Konobrodska, T. Ye. Nedashkivska and others.

Department members

  • Moisiyenko V. M., Doctor of Philology, Professor, Head of Chair
  • Vesels’ka G. S., Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Teaching Assistant
  • Vols’ka Yu. V., Teaching Assistant
  • Grymashevych G. I., Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professor
  • Dobrolyozha G. M., Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professor
  • Dyachenko N. M., Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professor
  • Kontorchuk G. K., Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professor
  • Prus V. V., Senior Lecturer
  • Tytarenko V. M., Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professor
  • Sharapa M. V., Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professor
  • Yanchuk N. V., Senior Lecturer
  • Yatsenko S. A., Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professor
  • Yashchuk L. V., Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professor
  • Falkivska L. P., Senior Departmental Assistant
  • Gan’ko Zh. L., Senior Departmental Assistant of Northern Ukrainian Dialectological Center after Professor M. Nykonchuk

Principal directions of the chair research activity

  • Synchronic and diachronic dialectology;
  • The history of the Ukrainian language;
  • Ethnolinguistics;
  • Grammar;
  • Linguostylistics;
  • Ukrainian language teaching methodology in school and higher educational establishments.

The traditions of Ukrainian dialects investigation were established as far back as the chair was headed by associate professor T. V. Baimut, but the systemic research of Polissya dialect was started by professor M. V. Nykonchuk. Two dissertations of the scholar dealt with these problems: «An attempt of comparative analysis of the three villages vocabulary in Zhytomyrsky polissya: based on the material of nature vocabulary» (candidate thesis, 1969) and «Right-bank Polissya dialects in linguo-geographic interpretation» (doctoral dissertation, 1980). He is the author of such works as: «Materials for lexical atlas of the Ukrainian Language» (K., 1973), «Agricultural vocabulary of the Right-bank Polissya» (K., 1985), «Endemic vocabulary of Zhytomyrshchyna» (K., 1989), «Transport vocabulary of the Right-bank Polissya» (K., 1990), «Construction vocabulary of the Right-bank Polissya’ (K., 1990), «Lexical atlas of the Right-bank Polissya» (K., 1993). M. V. Nykonchuk published 6 collections of verse «Zvoryny» (1992), «Nezgarkamin’» (1993), «Grezno» (1996), «Her grace woman» (1999), «Triumphal arc» (2000), «Golgotha» (2001).

For many years associate professor M. M. Bogdan worked fruitfully at the problems of the Ukrainian language teaching in higher educational establishments and schools. Together with senior lecturer V. V. Vlasenko he published a manual for teachers «A native word is orotund» (Zhytomyr, 1993), «Phonetic analysis» (Zhytomyr, 1980), — for students and teachers, «The types of phonetic and syntactic analysis» (Zhytomyr, 1998). Also, senior lecturer V. V. Vlasenko (coauthored) published «Collection of dictations on the Ukrainian Language punctuation» (Zhytomyr, 1999), «Collection of dictations on the Ukrainian Language orthography» (Zhytomyr, 2001), a manual for university students «Modern Ukrainian literary language. Bibliographic index» (individual work, Zhytomyr, 2004). It was recommended by Higher education research and instructional methodology center of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine. M. M. Bogdan, V. V. Vlasenko, G. K. Kontorchuk published a manual «Modern Ukrainian literary language. Lexical, phonetic and grammar analyses» (Zhytomyr, 2001), recommended by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine as a manual for the students with the major discipline «Pedagogics and methodology of secondary education. The Ukrainian language and literature».

An academic dialectological school after professor Mykola Nykonchuk functions at the chair. Under the supervision of the scholar 7 candidate degree dissertations in philology were defended. Now his followers continue researching Polissya dialects. V. M. Moisiyenko defended his doctoral dissertation in philology «Northern dialect of the Ukrainian language in XVI — XVII centuries. Phonetics» (2006). He is in charge of the Northern Ukraine dialectological center after M. V. Nykonchuk. Due to the efforts of researchers for the period of 15 years a collection of academic works «Volyn’-Zhytomyrshchyna is released (for the time being 24 issues have already been published).

Due to the efforts of an associate professor Valentyna Konobrodska a scientific Center of ethnolinguistic investigation was founded, which is now headed by an associate professor M. V. Sharapa. The Center researchers investigate the problem of the Middle Polissya traditional intellectual culture in ethnoliguistic aspect. At the same time the group of researchers take part in the realization of international (Ukrainian-Polish) academic projects «The Ethnolinguistic atlas of Pobuzhzhia», «The language and culture of the Bug Euro-region».

Upon an initiative of the Institute of the Ukrainian language NAS of Ukraine owing to the efforts of V. L. Konobrodska an academic school-seminar «Actual problems of Ethnolinguistics» has been organized, which apart from permanent members welcomes the lecturers from Ukrainian ( Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, Glukhiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Vinnytsya, Uman’) and foreign (Poland, Serbia, Russia, Bilorus’ and others) higher educational establishments and academic centers as well as trainees and students. During 2005-2007 three scholar-seminars were held. The academic collective of the Center foster diverse academic trans-regional and international links with academic centers and Universities of Ukraine and Slavonic world (Russia, Bilorus’, Poland, Serbia and others).

The results of The Center scholars investigation are published in a form of articles, monographs, collections of materials and dictionaries in Ukrainian and foreign collections of academic works (including such well-known titles as «Rozprawy slawistyczne» (Lublin), «Kodovy Slovenskykh kultura» (Belgrade), «Slavyanovedeniye» (Moscow), «Zhivaya starina» (Moscow). The Center realizes preparation and publishing of a special All-Ukrainian academic collection of works «Ethnolinguistic studies» (publishing editor — Valentyna Konobrodska). Created and published the first in Ukraine manual in Ethnolinguistics (as an aid for young researchers) (Valentyna Konobrodska. The course and diploma paper on Ethnolinguistics: Manual. — Zhytomyr, 2003. — 236 p.), the first in Ukraine ethnolinguistic atlas and monographic description of one of phenomena in a traditional folk intellectual culture (Valentyna Konobrodska. Polissya burial and wakes. — V. 1. — Ethnolinguistic studies. Zhytomyr, 2007. — 356 p.)

Professor V. M. Moisiyenko and an associate professor V. L. Konobrodska published the first in the history of the chair theoretical monographs «Phonetic system of Ukrainian Polissya dialects in XVI-XVII cent.» (2006), «Polissya burial and wakes» (2007), which are recommended for publishing by the Academic board of the Ukrainian language institute NAS of Ukraine. Within 5 recent years V. M. Moisiyenko prepared and published a number of the Ukrainian language works: «The history of G. Grabianka» (2001); «Zhytomyr government register 1611» (co-authored with A. Matviyenko) (2002); «Zhytomyr city executive board register: 1590, 1635» (2004); «The kingdom of heaven key by G. Smotrytsky» (co-authored with V. Nimchuk) (2006); «Lutsk magistrate book 1560-1561» (co-authored with V. Polishchuk) (2013).

Associate professor G. I. Grymashevych published «Dictionary of the Middle Polissya clothes and shoes nominations and adjacent dialects» (2002), associate professor G. M. Dobrolyozha — a phraseological dictionary «Native word like golden key» (2003).

Repeatedly, the chair scholars obtained government financing of the projects «Northern Ukraine dialect in XVI — XVII cent.» (research advisor V. M. Moisiyenko), «The reconstruction of Middle Polissya traditional folklife intellectual culture pre-condition as a part of common Slavic linguo-cultural environment» (research advisors P. Yu. Grytsenko, V. L. Konobrodska) as well as were awarded international grants for their research projects. Professor Moisiyenko V. M. and an associate professor V. L. Konobrodska three times (2004, 2006, 2007) received short-term grant of American Council of Learned Societies.

Chair’s educational and instruction work

In recent years educational and instruction work of the chair teachers became more intense. They prepared and published a number of educational-instruction manuals to provide the students’ self-study: Ganna Kontorchuk «Modern Ukrainian literary language. Syntax practical course» (2008); Valentyna Prus «Simple sentence. Complicated cases of syntactic analysis» (2008), «Morphemics. Word formation. The examples of analysis with comments» (2009); Galyna Grymashevych «Modern Ukrainian literary language. Morphemics. Derivatology: lecture course» (2009); «Modern Ukrainian literary language. Nominal morphology: lecture course» (2009); Galyna Dobrolyozha «Modern Ukrainian literary language. Morphology: lecture course» (2008), «Ukrainian business language. Lecture course and methodological recommendations for practical classes» (2009); Natalia Yanchuk «Modern Ukrainian literary language. Phonetics. Phonology. Phonomorphology: lecture course» (2009), and 15 practical recommendations for practical and laboratory classes in linguistic subjects taught by the chair lecturers: Victor Moisiyenko, Galyna Grymashevych, Ganna Kontorchuk, Galyna Dobrolyozha, Natalia Dyachenko, Valentyna Prus, Nataliya Yanchuk. A manual by Natalia Dyachenko in introduction into linguistics was recommended by MESU for university students (Dyachenko N. M. Introduction into linguistics: a manual for university students. — Zhytomyr: I. Franko Zhytomyr State University, 2012. — 100 p.).

Postgraduate training program

Postgraduate study department was open at the chair in 1992. After finishing the department V. M. Moisiyenko, G. M. Dobrolyozha, V. L. Konobrodska, G. I. Grymashevych, V. M. Tytarenko, L. V. Yashchuk, N. M. Dyachenko, L. V. Kushmar, M. V. Sharapa, G. S. Veselska defended their theses.

Now 6 post graduate students study at the department supervised by Doctors of Philology, Professors O. P. Karpenko and V. M. Moisiyenko, Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professors T. Ye. Nedashkivska and V. L. Konobrodska.


On the basis of the Ukrainian language chair 2 All-Union, 2 International, 4 All-Ukrainian academic conferences took place.