Chair of Publishing, Editing, the Fundamentals of Journalism and Philology

The chair of publishing, editing, the fundamentals of journalism and philology was founded on September 1, 2014 in accordance with a resolution of the University academic council.

The new formed collective inherited the experience and achievements of the two separate chairs: chair of publishing, editing and the fundamentals of journalism and chair of modern Ukrainian literature and social communications.

The objective of unification was the realization of the Ministry of Education and Science requirements as to the journalism and information specialists’ quality improvement, directly — publishing and editing; specialization — the Ukrainian language and literature; the editing of educational publications and professional preparation of mass media competitive specialists and the educational establishments workers. Faculty and staff of the chair of publishing, editing, the fundamentals of journalism and philology have a big research and teaching potentiality and practical experience. Among the staff we have Doctors of Science, Professors, Candidate of Science, associate Professors, Honoured journalists. Much attention is paid to professional improvement of the staff through their postgraduate studies.

The chair of publishing, editing, the fundamentals of journalism and philology works fruitfully at scientific problems both in the field of social communications and Ukrainian philology as well as in the margins of these subjects — the sphere of social philosophy, aesthetics, mass media history etc. The leading theme of the chair’s research is «The dialogue in communication area: globalization dimension». The chair lecturers deal with different aspects of this problem collectively revealing not only the substance of this social phenomenon within the context of present social, cultural, economic and political processes but also to elaborate the mechanisms of the dialogue establishment by means of mass media, social relations moderation, resistance to information aggression and violence. The problems of the history and theory of literature are also in the focus of attention. On March12, 2014 together with chair of Ukrainian literature and comparative studies and the Ukrainian language chair historical-literature readings were organized, commemorating the 200-th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko’s birthday.

Also, the chair holds round-table discussions, seminars, conferences which involve the scholars of different branches. On May 19, 2013 a seminar was held together with chair of philosophy: «Existentialism in modern literature».

Students’ research work is an important direction in the chair’s work. 11 research and problem groups function at the chair. On March 31, together with chair of Ukrainian literature and comparative studies teacher-student academic readings took place dedicated to 120-th anniversary of M. Rylsky’s birthday " Maksym Rylsky: texts, contexts, interpretations«.

Every year teacher and student research results are also presented in teacher-student research publications «Vitrazhi» (compilers: V. I. Bashmanivsky, I. O. Gorbova, T. Ye. Klimenko, S. A. Chorna). In 2014 the fifth issue was already published. An integral part of the chair’s activity is organizational and mentoring work, directed at forming comprehensively developed, highly educated, socially active personality capable of self-perfecting and self-realization, cultivating a sense of responsibility and extensive spirituality.

According to the chair’s work plan cultural and educational activities were held with the involvement of academic and public leaders, organizations that encourage healthy lifestyle, meetings with writers also took place.

At an art studio «Word-image» the chair presented to viewers more than 10 art exhibitions of the students’ creative works including the works of I. Franko Zhytomyr state university students. So, in December 2013, an exhibition of the student Vitalij Koval was presented «We — caricature»; in April 2014 — art exhibition «Painter’s eternal searching» presented by the students of Zhytomyr engineering school. The change of exhibition takes place once in two or three months. Each teacher or a student has an opportunity of meeting with the authors of works.

The cooperation with the teaching staff of Zhytomyrshchyna is going on which contributes to looking for new advanced forms of teaching organization, education and academic activity of young people. In December, 2013 the chair lecturers took part in a seminar-conference, that was held by Zhytomyr department of JAS.

Chair members

  • Bashmanivsky V. I. — Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Associate Prof., Head of Chair
  • Blyzniuk A. S. — Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professor
  • Gerasimchuk S. V. — Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Teaching Assistant
  • Diuzheva K. V. — Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Teaching Assistant
  • Yevchenko O. V. — Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professor
  • Klimenko T. Ye. — Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Senior Lecturer
  • Naval’na M. I. — Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Pavlinchuk T. I. — Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Senior Lecturer
  • Svintsitska O. I. — Cand. Sc. {Philosophy}, Associate Professor
  • Sliusar V. M. — Cand. Sc. {Philosophy}, Associate Professor, Doctoral Student of I. Franko Zhytomyr State University
  • Stel’nykovych S. V. — Cand. Sc. {History}, Associate Professor, Doctoral Student of T. Shevchenko Kyiv State University
  • Stadnyk M. M. — Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Cherniuk S. L. — Cand. Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professor
  • Boiko V. Ya. — Honoured Journalist of Ukraine, Senior Lecturer
  • Golovetsky V. M. — Honoured Journalist of Ukraine, Senior Lecturer
  • Bezverkha T. M. — Teaching Assistant
  • Vasyliuk V. I. — Teaching Assistant
  • Gorbova I. O. — Teaching Assistant, Post-graduate Student of I. Franko Zhytomyr State University
  • Davydova L. V. — Teaching Assistant
  • Denysevych O. V. — Teaching Assistant
  • Zaiko L. Ya. — Teaching Assistant, Post-graduate Student of I. Franko Zhytomyr State University
  • Zelins’ka N. M. — Teaching Assistant
  • Maslovs’ka M. V. — Senior Lecturer
  • Mykolayenko N. M. — Assistant, Post-graduate Student of I. Franko Zhytomyr State University
  • Rusetska O. B. — Teaching Assistant
  • Stankeyeva I. M. — Senior Departmental Assistant, Teaching Assistant
  • Chorna S. A. — Senior Departmental Assistant, Teaching Assistant