Department of Germanic Philology and Foreign Literature

History of the department of the German language began in 1949. The first head of the department was M. V. Malinovska, and later – N. D. Bakulin. The second birth of the department took place in 1989. The department was formed from Leipzig and Yena university graduates (Prischepa V. Y., Prischepa V. P., Dmytruk K. M., Ryabuschic V. G.), and also state higher establishments. Presently the department is held by the candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Sokolovska Svitlana Francivna. The leading research workers of the department are: doctor of philological sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, honoured professor of the Zhytomyr state university Chirkov Oleksandr Semenovych, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Leckin Mykhajlo Oleksandrovych, candidate of philological sciences, senior teacher Kovaleva T.P., senior teachers Grechina, L.B., Dmitruk K. M., Prischepa V. P.

The department of the German language carries out preparation of specialists in the direction of  «Pedagogics and methodics of secondary education» and «Philology» in specializations «Language and literature (German, English)», «Language and literature (German)», «German language and literature».  On the base of the department scientific conferences and various methodical workshops are conducted, including those on the problems of methodics of teaching of the German language, seminars for the teachers of German. Leading scientists of Ukraine, representatives of the Goethe cultural centre in Ukraine and other foreign specialists take part in many of them. During the last years seminars on the topical issues of phraseological derivation became traditional, held with the participation of the academician of the Academy of Sciences of the higher school of Ukraine, doctor of philological sciences, professor Denisenko S. N., who is the author of the reference dictionary-book on German phraseology, which is used by students of  Zhytomyr State Ivan Franko university and many other higher educational establishments of Ukraine.

The faculty of department is constantly increasing its scientific potential: teachers publish scientific and methodical teaching materials, which are often printed in various scientifically methodical collections (Visnyk of Zhytomyr State Ivan Franko University; Visnyk of  Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University; Volin-Zhitomirschina: historic and philological collection and other), take part in the work of scientific conferences of different levels in Ukraine (Kyiv, Sudak, Chernivtsi and other) and abroad (Belorussia, Germany, Austria).

 In 2010 printed production by a general volume of 264 pages (17,82 additional pages) was given out by the members of the department, in particular monographs, translations, collections, manuals, including those with the Department of Education and Science mark, and the articles.

A considerable part of the research work is comprised of student scientific projects. There are four student groups dealing with scientific issues at the department:

  • «Fiction text: analysis and interpretation»: the leaders are senior teachers Kovaleva T. P., Prischepa V. P.
  • “Tendencies of progress of the vocabulary of the modern German language, the leader is the Associate Professor Sokolovska S. F.
  • «Topical issues of translation», the leaders are senior teacher Grechina L. B., teacher Rudnicka N. M.
  • «Use of technologies of critical thinking in the studies of communication in German”, the leader is teacher Karpenko Y. M.

Annually in the Scientific Studies Institute of Foreign Philology of Zhytomyr State Ivan Franko University the International student scientific practical conference is held. The students of the following educational qualification levels take part in the conference: bachelor, specialist, master's degree. The department actively co-operates with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Embassy of the Republic of Austria and Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany. In June 2003 the common project of the Goethe-institute, of the Embassy of Germany, was founded, with the Institute of literature of T. G. Shevchenko National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine under the name «Newest German literature», in which senior teacher of the department of the German language V. P. Prischepa and young research worker M. L. Lipisivickiy take part. Within the framework of the project at the Institute of literature of T. G. Shevchenko National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine the centre of German literature studies in Ukraine is organized with the Free university of Berlin. V. P. Prischepa is included in the group of regional coordinators of this centre.

The faculty of the department set close contacts with the Goethe-Institute, German academic service of exchange (DAAD), publishing house Inter Nationes, publishing house Hueber. Due to this studying in the universities of Germany and Austria is possible for students and teachers, the financial base of the faculty being considerably improved and supported.

The department has started collaboration with the library of the German cultural centre of  the Goethe-institute. «Correspondence subscription» of the Goethe-institute in Ukraine, the funds of which are used by teachers and students, operates within this project. To the services of users of «Correspondence subscription» are: 

German-language library, which contains about 200 professional editions from linguistics, authentic literature, countrystudy, and also fiction, periodicals, dictionaries;

German-language audio-video recordings, which contain educational materials for the course of the German language, fiction films.

The department teachers are closely connected with the basic schools of city and area, render permanent help to the regional Institute of postgraduate education, regularly take part in the conducting regional and district Pupil contests of the German language, carry out preparation of their winners to the All-Ukrainian contest.