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Petro Yuriyovych Saukh (born 05.25.1950) is a Ukrainian philosopher and a graduate of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko State University School of Philosophy has been employed in the universities of Kyiv, Donetsk, Zhytomyr and Rivne, interned and lectured in the universities of the USA, Germany and France. Initially as a junior staff member, P. Saukh launched his professional career as Associate Professor, Full Professor, Head of the Philosophy Department, Dean and, eventually, the University President. A member of the Higher School Academy of Ukraine since 1992, an honorary member of International Personnel Academy (2000), a professor emeritus of many domestic and international universities, a laureate of National Academy of Sciences D. I. Chyzhevskyi and I. Ohienko Awards, an Honoured Educationalist of Ukraine, P. Saukh has been managing Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University since 2002.

With the expertise in the fields of religion philosophy, philosophical anthropology, social philosophy and globalization studies, P. Saukh was the first to set up the “Philosophy and Phenomenology of Religion” Polissya Scientific School. His scientific views centered round existentialism, P. Saukh’s early works suggested the analysis of the religious and existential concept of alienation and featured the general scheme and peculiarities of treating alienation within the philosophy of existence. Fundamental analysis of the religion ontology and libertinism resulted in developing its categorial structure and configuration. Further research, both his and his disciples’, revealed the philosophical concepts of happiness, suffering, mutiny, absurdity and tragedy of human life. Investigated also was the category of “the national” as an existential model and being evolvement. Underlying the Popper concept of science and metaphysics discrepancy, the further investigation involves a study of science and religion gap, with an emphasis on the existing collisions as its progression impellent.

His methodological perspective is marked by anthropologism and a wide reasoning range, including unconventional logical and methodological models, social philosophy, philosophic anthropology, religion philosophy and phenomenology, as well as globalization issues.

P. Saukh’s social and political views center round social democracy, which has been outlined in numerous philosophic articles, newspaper essays, interviews and other public activities. A member of the National Forum Organizing Committee and an active supporter of the political reform and education democratization in Ukraine, P. Saukh initiated the 21st Century Education Project, which won the appraisal in the universities of Germany and the USA.

P. Saukh is a remarkable scientific advisor and educational manager, presiding at the Zhytomyr Region III-IV Accreditation Level Higher Educational Establishment Rector Committee. He is also a co-administrator of Slavic Countries Philosopher Congress, a member of the EU Theologians and Freethinkers Presidium, a member of the “Leadership in Education” International New York Club and European Rectors Club, the president of the Zhytomyr branch of the Young Learner Academy of Science, a member of the Supervising Board of the “Gifted Youth Union” public organization, a scientific advisor on and a developer of “Walldorf Education in Ukraine” academic experiment.

P. Saukh is a member of the National Constitutional Council established by the president of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko; the head of Zhytomyr Civil Council, a member of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration Board, and Zhytomyr Region Internal Affairs Ministry Civil Council.

P. Saukh is the vice head of the National Committee for Academic Degrees and Titles Expert Board, a member of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University Academic Board conferring candidate degrees, a member of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University Board of Academics conferring candidate and doctorate degrees, as well as a member and a head of numerous editorial boards of academic periodicals, both domestic and international.

P. Saukh authored some 350 scientific papers, which include monographs, textbooks and research papers.

His outstanding contribution to the development of higher education in Ukraine, to the professional teacher training and the “21st Century Education” project amounted to a Gold Medal of Merit in Education awarded by the International Personnel Academy in 2003; “For Outstanding Services to the People of Ukraine” Certificate of Merit awarded by Verkhovna Rada in 2004.

P. Saukh’s academic, educational and civil accomplishments have been acknowledged by the Testimonials of the president and prime ministers of Ukraine, Anton Makarenko Distinction of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2007), K. Ushynskyi Medal of the National Academy of Pedagogics (2007), “The 2nd Degree Distinction of Honour” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Zhytomyr region (2006), “The 15 Years of Ukrainian Armed Forces” Medal of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine (2007), “Juvenile Delinquency Counteraction” Medal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (2008), the Ist Degree Medal of Merit of the Ukrainian Afghanistan War Veteran Association, Honorary Certificates of the Ministry of Family, Child and Youth Affairs, National Olympic Committee. P. Saukh has also been distinguished by the letters of commendation and appreciation of Zhytomyr State Regional Administration and Zhytomyr State Regional Council, Zhytomyr City Council, “Artek” International Child Center, “Moloda Hvardiya” Youth Recreation Camp, Polish and French Embassies in Ukraine, as well as the acknowledgements of the National Academy of Pedagogics and National Security Service of Ukraine in Zhytomyr region.