Faculty of Physical Education and Sports

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Educational activities of the Department of Olympic and Professional Sports

Educational work in the department of Olympic and Professional Sports is carried out according to the plans of educational work of Zhytomyr State University named after Ivan Franko and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports. Curatorial educational hours on the topics, developed on the basis of professional specificity of the faculty, key dates in history of the state, region, city, university are held.

Implementation of tasks of educational work involves priority areas of civil and legal, military patriotic, moral, professional, educational, artistic and aesthetic, environmental and labor education, cultural and organizational work, a healthy lifestyle.

The curators of academic groups systematically held curatorial hours on rules of conduct in university and safety measures, conditions of success and regular attendance, students’ readiness for exams, tuition and accommodation at the hostel.

The curators of academic groups:

  • hold parents’ meetings;
  • acquaint with the history of the university and carry out a tour to the museum of Zhytomyr State University named after Ivan Franko;
  • control students’ health condition and regular medical examinations at sports treatment centers;
  • take part in city activities;
  • organize student talks with honored coaches of Ukraine;
  • acquainted with the experience of professional coaches;
  • take part in cleaning university territory;
  • hold educational activities, open to any visitors;
  • visit museums, exhibitions of renowned artists, make sightseeing reviews of historical heritage of our region;
  • organize holidays in academic groups;
  • take part in concerts;
  • hold discussions and round tables;
  • invite doctors for discussions;
  • reviewing video films;
  • conduct active leisure.