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Research by the Department of Olympic and Professional Sports

Receiving quality education — one of the fundamental rights of every human being. Research activity of students of the faculty of physical education and sport is one of the most important means of improving the quality of training of future specialists in higher education.

At the department of Olympic and Professional Sports, all research activities are aimed at forming students’ ability to search activities, development of creative abilities and skills of independent scientific knowledge, self-education and self-identity, engaging students in creative work and research projects.

Students’ research activities are carried out during the scientific conferences, debates, student competitions in the specialty; in the work of problem groups and scientific circles in extracurricular time, etc.

Within the educational process, there are many creative and research works: from writing essays, reports, research papers to diploma and master’s papers.

At the Department of Olympic and Professional Sports function:

  • Student scientific problem group «Professional preparation of future trainers»

    Supervisor: Iavorska T. Ie.
    The purpose of problem group: identify and attract the most capable, active and gifted students inclined to research and search activities while studying at the university; form and systematize professional theoretical knowledge and practical skills and abilities; to search for innovative ways to enhance and improve the training of future trainers in terms of university education; conduct workshops and open sessions on training of future trainers during coaching practice; hold student competitions in the specialty, participate in scientific research of the department, give presentations at scientific conferences at various levels.
  • Student scientific group «System training of volleyball players»

    Supervisor: Shaverskiy V. K., Sarancha M. P.
    The purpose of problem group: attract students who specialize in sports games into scientific work, to deepen the theoretical and methodical knowledge of students in the training process, participate in conferences. Hence, the need for effective organization of research work of students is caused by high demands to the level of training of future professionals to improve their competitiveness in the labor market with established needs in constant self-education and professional skills of scientific thinking and self-improvement.