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Educational Work of the Department of Physical Education and Recreation

Educational work of the Department of Physical Education and Recreation of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University is based on the requirements of state standards of higher education and is planned in close interrelation with educational plans of Physical and Mathematical, Social, Psychological, Natural, Historical Faculties, the Institute of Pedagogics, the Institute of Foreign Languages and the Institute of Philology to make the process of future teacher`s personality formation integral and consecutive.

Every year the Department of Physical Education and Recreation takes part in many sports-mass and sports-recreational activities, such as: Day of Physical Culture and Sport Worker, Teacher’s Day, Sports Glory Evenings of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University, organizes events for the Olympic Day and Week, takes part in the organization of sports competitions, helps to hold the competitions among students.

Each year students are involved in mass tourism campaign with the aim of mastering skills and abilities for the organization, involving children and conducting tourism and local history work among students.

Faculty teachers regularly hold discussions with students of I–IV courses on teaching them the basics of healthy lifestyle, provide examples of biographies of famous domestic and foreign athletes which attract students into active exercises, participate in the Universiade competitions and various recreational activities. Students also assist in organizing the university sports facilities, designing of sport stands, informational leaflets, tell about sporting events in the student newspapers.

The optimum combination of different forms of sports and recreation activities among students promotes health and substantial spending of their free time and improves physical and mental performance.