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Scientific Work of the Department of Physical Education and Recreation

The Department of Physical Education and Recreation has two research groups:

  1. «Theoretical and methodological found ations for the introduction of innovative technologies of healthy life» (scientific head — doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of Physical Training Department and recreation G. P. Hryban), which includes 16 students; groupwas established in October 2013).
  2. «Historical and pedagogical and methodological aspects of the development of physical culture» (scientific head — Ph. D., associate professor M. Z. Crook), which includes 10 students.

During 2014–2015 members of the group were made 1 report in the National Conference: «Biological research — 2014», made 18 reports at IV Student Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Physical Education and 9 reports at the I All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Conference «Student sports science — 2015».

Students of research group published 41 scientific articles.

During 2014–2015 members of the group made one report at the All-Ukrainian conference «Biological research — 2014», reports at 6 IV Student Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Physical Education and Ukrainian student scientific conference «Student sports science — 2015».

Students the science club published eight scientific papers.

Scientific research work

The department have four scientists with scientific degrees and titles: 1 — Doctor of Science; 1 — Professor; 3 — Candidates of Science, 1 — professor.

Scientific and research work of teachers of department of physical education and recreation performed within working hours on the following topics: «Theoretical and methodological foundations for improving the educational process on physical education in higher education» (Supervisor: Doctor of Education, Professor G. P. Hryban). State registration number: 0114U003978. Deadline: 12.2014 — 12.2024 рр. The aim of the study: theoretical and methodological optimization of study and development of educational process on physical education university students on the basis of program-oriented approach.

«Methodical system of physical education students in higher education» (Supervisor: Doctor of Education, Professor G. P. Hryban). State registration number: 0114U003979. Deadline: 12.2014 — 12.2024 рр. The aim of the study focused on theoretical and methodological studies, development and experimental verification technology methodical system of physical education students in higher education that equips future professionals of fitness necessary competences in future life.

Lecturer in 2014 published 82 scientific papers in 2015 — 43.

D. n. N., Prof. GP Hrybanom the analysis of scientific and methodical literature, archival materials, which allowed to study initiation and development of physical culture and sports in Zhytomyr region and the first voluntary organizations and sports associations. By study prepared and published three monographs (in collaboration with O. S. Kukharskiy and V. V. Prontenkom, K. V. Prontenkom, V. M. Romanchuk):

  1. History gymnastic society «Sokol» Volyn: monograph. — Real-on second straighten. and add. — Exactly: Izdatel’stvo «Ruta», 2015. — 128 p.
  2. Sports societies and organizations Zhytomyr 1893–1922 gg.: monograph. — Exactly: Izdatel’stvo «Ruta», 2015. — 184 p.
  3. Polis’ki strongmen: monograph. — Exactly: Izdatel’stvo «Polesie», 2015. — 344 p.

Many materials based on the researches were presented at national and international conferences. Scientific researches made the base for the textbook «Methodical system of physical education of students» labeled with MES of Ukraine, which won the annual regional competition «Best Book of the Year» in the category «From the depths of knowledge» (by Professor G. P. Hryban). The monograph «The history of gymnastic society „Sokil“ in Volyn» won the annual regional competition «Best Book of the Year» in the category «My Land» (by O. S. Kukharskiy, Professor G. P. Hryban). In April 2015 professor G. P. Hryban won the competition «Innovations in Education — 2014».

Two doctoral and candidate dissertations were approved by the department. There is a postgraduate studies on the base of the department — specialty 13.00.02 — the theory and the methodic of education (Physical Education, Health Basics). The Department invites teachers and researchers of higher educational institutions of Ukraine and from foreign countries to join the corporate scientific researches and cooperation in the field of physical culture and sports.

The research results are implemented at the Department of theory and methodology of physical education of Lviv State University of Physical Culture, National University of M. P. Drahomanova, the Department of Physical Education of Zhytomyr National Agroecological University, the regional administration of physical education and sports and so on.

In September 2015 the PhD student Varenha U. V. (National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine) successfully defended his dissertation at Lviv State University of Physical Culture under the direction of G. P. Hryban.

University lecturer Zukovskiy E. I. defended the dissertation on the theme «The preparation of future teachers of physical culture to the organization of independent sports and recreational activities of pupils» in Zhytomyr State University of Ivan Franko to achieve a scientific degree of the Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences — specialty 13.00.04 — the Theory and Methods of Professional Education.

The lecturer Kostiuk U. S. defended the dissertation in the National University of M. P. Drahomanova on the theme: «The methodic of differentiated tuition of physical exercises among the pupils of ungraded school with the help of basketball» to acquire the degree of the Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, specialty — 13.00.02 — the Theory and Methods of Education (Physical education, Health Basics).

The Associate Professor Kruk M. Z. makes the researches to learn the physical condition of students, the result of a scientific work were reported at the All Ukrainian Conference.

Teacher Ayunts V. I. — Has developed a set of general exercises to develop flexibility, coordination and strength recommendations for the use of recreational gymnastics in the physical training of students.

Teacher Blazhyevskyi G. V. — Examines the problems of teaching Physical Education in educational institutions of the city at the present stage of state building.

Teacher Savytska N. O. — In primary school studies technologies that preserve health.

Teacher Tverdokhlib Z. O. — Examines the formation of basic movements and skills in physical education classes in primary school. Analyzed the theoretical aspects of physical education of students.

Teacher Yablonska A. M. — Improves the method of speed abilities.

Teacher Pohrebennyk L. I. — Explores the theoretical aspects of improving the quality of educational process on physical education of students. Learns general concepts and criteria for testing students.

Teacher Sipliva M. O. — Improves the means of the training process of aerobics.

Teacher Pazin V. A. — examines the history of gymnastics and acrobatics in Zhytomyr.

Annually teachers of the department take part in national and international conferences, in which they make the presentations, including.

The department took part in the fifth international exhibition «Modern educational establishments — 2014» in nomination «Pedagogical skills — dominant professional work of teachers, teacher»; a fair textbooks in Waiting Ivan Franko in the annual regional competition «Best Book of the Year» and others.

Research Laboratory

Research laboratory «Theoretical and methodological foundations of physical education and recreation» was created at Zhytomyr State University named after Ivan Franko as a university department.

The aim of the laboratory is the development and implementation in practice of physical education and recreation Health-preserving innovative technologies and to initiate, conduct and coordinate research in the field of physical education and recreation.

To achieve this goal laboratory:

1. Initiates and coordinates research in the field of physical education and recreation, such as:

  • involves research teaching faculty, staff, graduate students, undergraduates, university students and members of volunteer coaches and sports associations, teachers, other educational institutions;
  • develops and coordinates scientific research groups and student groups;
  • identifies promising researchers among students and University graduates besides ,encourages them to work within the laboratory;
  • cooperates with NGOs, government agencies and organizations and enterprises of different ownership forms.

2. Conducts research, namely:

  • organizes laboratory tests;
  • conducts analysis of the materials and publishes their results;
  • developes a research methodology, organizes and conducts information processing;
  • introducing into production the results of their research and teaching materials.

3. Coordinate research, namely:

  • provides technical assistance to students, masters, postgraduate students and teachers in the field of physical education and recreation;
  • distributes the available information in the field of physical education and recreation;
  • modifies and distributes information on future projects, grants, training, conferences, seminars etc. in the field of physical education and recreation;
  • establishes and coordinates cooperation with leading universities, research institutions in Ukraine and abroad, the Department of Family, Youth and Sports Administration, Zhytomyr branch of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, the regional department of physical education and sports MES and other organizations;
  • recommend chairs of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport topics of student papers (bachelor, diploma, master’s, master’s, doctoral);
  • facilitates dissertations on topics in university laboratories and research centers in leading Ukraine and the world.

4. Enters into circulation new scientific materials, namely:

  • organize regular exchange of information through publications, national and international conferences, roundtables and e-mail;
  • organizes and conducts conferences, seminars, hearings and round tables for academics and students;
  • recommends research results for publication in national and international publications;
  • develops monographs, textbooks, manuals, guidelines for their manufacturing.

5. The introduction and development of new production technologies:

  • Development and implementation methodology of physical education of students in the educational process of higher educational institutions of Ukraine;
  • Development and implementation of innovative health-preserving technologies physical education and recreation on the basis of the results of research on their own initiative;
  • Development and implementation of innovative technologies based on public, university or regional orders, themes and programs;
  • Study the history of physical culture and sports in the Zhytomyr region on the basis of the order of the Family, Youth and Sport Administration;
  • Development of new problems NOC of Ukraine «Sport and Environment» commissioned by Zhytomyr Branch NOC of Ukraine;
  • the development and innovation of physical education of students with special needs;
  • patenting the results of new scientific data.