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Methodical Work of the Department of Physical Education and Recreation

Teaching staff of the department of physical education and recreation methodical work leads to further development and improvement of physical education students and sphere of physical culture and sports. A significant improvement in health status, level of physical fitness and efficiency of future specialists possible only with the development of modern theoretical and methodological foundations of physical education and implementation in the educational process of higher educational institutions of new methodical system, the foundation of which is the fundamental principle and sports and recreational focus of the educational process. This will result in:

  • aligning the content of physical education students to the modern achievements of sports and health education theory and methodology of physical education and the actual needs of the individual;
  • Traditional integration of physical education and new innovation that will increase the intensity and effectiveness of the educational process of physical education, and enhance sports and recreation activities outside the classroom;
  • adherence to the principles of differentiation and individualization of physical activity, increasing motivation and interest in active exercise, the realization of personality oriented approach;
  • diversify forms, methods and means of attracting students to participate in sports and recreational activities;
  • improving sports and recreation education general and special physical fitness, improve health, skills acquisition of healthy way of life and their ability to pass on to others;
  • Attracting students to the independent exercise and sports that will promote health potential, acquiring new skills and habits of motor activity, physical development and physical preparedness.

The main task of the department is to: create new fitness technologies that would provide the opportunity to constantly intensify the interest of students to exercise, a healthy lifestyle, updating knowledge on ways to preserve and strengthen their health; formation of students’ ability to independently and creatively solve not only personal and social issues, but also the complex physical-health problem among the workforce.

Methodical work department also aimed at building fitness in students competencies as the characteristics of the final result of physical education in higher education that unites not only educational knowledge and skills, but also practical experience, the system of value orientations of the individual (needs, interests, motives attitude to physical education facilities, etc.).

To this end, the department prepared a number of manuals and guidelines.