Department of Special Historical Disciplines and Law Studies

Department of Special Historical Subjects and Jurisprudence was formed according to order 190 (30.06.11) of the Rector of Zhytomyr State University named after Ivan Franko. The creation of the Department was the next step in the development of Historical Faculty. The first head of the Department is the Candidate of Sciences (History), Professor Yarmoshyk I. I. (since 11.11.2011 the Doctor of Sciences (History). The Senior Laboratory Assistant is S. O. Chornovil.

The members of the department are: Professor O. M. Shvydak, Associate Professors M. K. Novik, A. I. Padalko, senior lecturers O. P. Rudnytska, the Candidate of Sciences (Law), and O. Yu. Zosimovych, assistant lecturers V. A. Novik, O. O. Khomenko, B. L. Shevchuk, O. I. Kovtunenko, O. V. Markevitch. The lecturers who combine jobs are: the Doctor of Sciences ( History), professor V. Y. Borysenko, the Candidate of Sciences (Pedagogics), Associate Professor V. Yu. Areshonkov. In June 2012 assistant lecturer O. O. Khomenko defended her thesis.

O. Yu. Zosimovych, B. L. Shevchuk, O. I. Kovtunenko, O. V. Markevitch are working on their candidates’ theses.

The Doctor of Sciences (History) I. I. Yarmoshyk supervises the preparation of graduate students (O. V. Vyhovska, O. Yu. Zosimovych, M. V. Babinska).

The members of the department provide teaching subjects of special branches of historical science — historiography, historical source study, special historical and jurisprudential subjects. Besides, lecturers supervise juridical and pedagogical practice.

Lecturers of the Department are the authors of series of monographies and textbooks. In particular, I. Smagin is the author of the monography «The history of domestic shipping. Pre-Slavic period. Zhytomyr, 2005. — 368 p.», «Textbook in Social Science at the Ukrainian School in 1920-1980: Problems of Creation and Functioning. — Zhytomyr, 2010», the co-author of the educational and practical manual «Socio-Law Protection of Children. Zhytomyr, 2011».

I. Yarmoshyk published the monography «Volyn in the Historical and Local History Studies of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. — Zhytomyr, 2006. — 216 p.» , «Polish Historiography of Socio-political, Cultural and Mental life of Volyn in 1800-1939’s», textbook «History of Homeland» for Grade 7 of secondary school pupils«.

M. Novyk and V. Novyk participated in preparation of a collective manual «Zhytomyr. Historical Review», V. Novyk participated in the publication of a collective manual «Innovations in Higher Education: problems, experience and perspectives» — Zhytomyr, 2011«.

Professor O. Shvydak published the textbook «Political Science» (two editions). M. Novik and V. Novik are the authors of two editions of the textbook for the course «Theory of State and Law» (2006, 2010).

In general scientific contributions of the department include more than 400 works, among them local historical publications in the collections of scientific conferences, articles in special editions of Ukrainian HAC, scientific and popular publications, brochures, monographies and textbooks.

I. Yarmoshyk translated the monography of Polish historian T. Kemp, the Professor of Torun University , «Prince Constantine Ostrog (1524/1525 — 1608) governor of Kyiv «Volyn land marshal».

Lecturers are actively involved in scientific conferences. They took part in the fourth Volyn Scientific Conference (November 2011), hold the Intercollegiate regional student conference «Constitutional and Law Principles of the Human Rights Mechanism Development in Ukraine» (December 2011), which is later planned to be the All-Ukrainian one.

During the formation of the Department I. Yarmoshyk initiated the publication of a student research papers collection «Chronicle», which was published by the Department of World History till 2011. This collection is planned to be the special edition of the Department of Historical Sciences and Jurisprudence with appropriate research subject. In 2011 the lecturers published the next issue of the collection.

Lecturers maintain the relationship with the Polish Scientific Society in Zhytomyr. Together they published the scientific collection «Chudniv campaign in 1660 in the Polish historiography. Collection of scientific publications about Moscow-Polish war of the mid-seventeenth century». — Zhytomyr, 2010 (compiled and translated from Polish by I. Yarmoshyk). The members of the Department take part in other Polish Scientific Society actions.

The scientific research of the department is characterized by the students involvement. The subject of student research meets the basic directions of scientific activity. They are: the problems of Ukrainian Historiography, Historical Source Study, the Polish-Ukrainian scientific contacts. Another problematic area is the study of the transformation of the Ukrainian law system at the present stage of national development.

Under the supervision of the department, students prepare presentations for scientific conferences, which are held at Zhytomyr State University, and other educational institutions of Ukraine (Kyiv National Pedagogical University named after Drahomanov, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University).

A special form of the department scientific study is «Juridical Clinic» (the supervisor M. K. Novik — Juridical Consultant, V. A. Novik). The students gain practical skills to provide the residents of Zhytomyr region with law assistance.

Department staff has established close relations, cooperates with educational and research institutions of Kyiv, Kamyanetz-Podolsk, Vinnytsya, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine.

In general, the Department is experiencing the period of its establishment, the lecturers are working to develop the basic shapes and directions of pedagogical, research, organizational-popularization activity. The Department plans to be very active in these spheres.