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Students Scientific Society

Students’ Scientific Society of Zhitomir Ivan Franko State University aims at finding and uniting talented students who are interested in conducting independent research while studying at the university. The society creates advantageous conditions for preparing highly qualified professionals who are capable of carrying out independent scientific investigations. The university provides a complex research of the talented personality development. The model of giftedness has been developed and factor that facilitate endowment implementation are singled out. This very research has become the basis of singling out and developing gifted youth with the help of Students’ Scientific Society.

The opportunities of Students Scientific Society in discovering and developing talented students are consolidated in the Statute of Students Scientific Society, which regulates its work. The work of the society is based on the scientific problem groups and scientific clubs activities which function according to the Statute of a Students’ Scientific Club and Problem Group and select the students that are particularly talented in scientific work.

Students’ Scientific Societies of faculties and institutes collaborate with the departments of university, similar organizations in other institutions of higher education in Ukraine, national and international organizations for gifted youth.

SSS of Zhitomir Ivan Franko State University provides public meetings, scientific conference, round tables and discussions, participates in the publication of students’ scientific works collections, and establishes regional meetings of SSS members and accomplished youth from different universities.

Informational support of Students Scientific Society is realized with the help of SSS webpage on the official site of the university.

The prospects of the SSS activities include:

  1. Publication of electronic collection of students’ scientific works;
  2. Regional meetings of the SSS members from different higher educational establishments of Zhytomyr;
  3. Internet and distant students’ conferences;
  4. Providing scientific students interdisciplinary research.