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On the basis of the Presidium Resolution № 14-06/1 of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine from 10.02.2010 Specialized Academic Board on Philosophy K 14.053.02 was created in Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University with the right to confer a scientific degree of the Candidate of Sciences (Philosophy) in the following fields:

  • 09.00.03 — social philosophy and philosophy of history;
  • 09.00.11 — Religious Studies.

The Board is headed by Mykola Kozlovets, Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Professor.

Passport of the Specialty 09.00.11 — Religion

I. Specialty Formula

«Religious studies» is a branch of science that studies the philosophy of religion, ethnology of religion, history of religion; religious thought and religious studies, sociology of religion and modern trends in religious and inter-confessional processes.

Scientific research in this field will contribute to the development of a scientific attitude to religion as a social and spiritual phenomenon. Theoretical studies will be of practical significance too in prediction of institutional processes in the Churches of Ukraine, inter-confessional relations, and in elaborating recommendations for their regulation and improvement in line with the spiritual and national revival; upgrading church-state relations and Ukrainian ecumenism program implementation. Research allows to theoretically substantiate expedience of creating the atmosphere of tolerance in relation to believers of all confessions as well as non-believers and atheists; overcoming religious intolerance, fanaticism and extremism; making use of religions moral potential in the process of the Ukrainian state independence consolidation.

Fields of Research:

  1. Philosophic conception of the phenomenon of religion; determination of the essence of religion; disclosure of religious consciousness features; mechanisms of religion’s structural elements reproduction; investigation of contemporary philosophy of religion main tendencies as well as major types of philosophic theories of God.
  2. Historiosophic interpretation of the role and place of religion in history, culture and spirituality of the Ukrainian people, peculiarities of the Ukrainian Christianity phenomenon.
  3. Sociological studies of institutional processes in religious and church complex, religion renewal, problems of inter-confessional and church-state relations; state of everyday religious awareness and different groups and categories of the population attitudes towards religion; neoreligion and mysticism analysis.

III. Branches of science in which scientific degrees are granted: philosophy.

Passport of the Specialty 09.00.03 — Social Philosophy and Philosophy of History

I. Specialty Formula

«Social Philosophy» is the branch of science that studies the laws of social life, social processes structure and mechanisms.

«Philosophy of History» is the branch of science that investigates the patterns, mechanisms, factors and features of current historical process cognition.

Research in this specialty promotes a conscious, purposeful use of social community life organization; identification of the ways and means of historical reality philosophical treatment. Scientific research is aimed at confirming theoretically consolidation means and mechanisms of the society in general and, Ukrainian community in particularly.

II. Fields of Research:

  1. Social processes and social institutions.
  2. Theoretical grounding of the effectiveness of social processes development mechanisms and factors.
  3. Philosophical analysis of the historical process as a variety of different-scale social and cultural forms (individuals, social groups, communities, civilization and so on).

III. Branches of science in which scientific degrees are granted: philosophy.