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Board of Young Scientists

The research activity of the young scientists and scholars in Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University is guided by the Board of Young Scientists, which aims at creating conditions for young researchers to promote and support their investigations. The main objective of the board is uniting young scientists and scholars in order to involve them in fundamental and applied research. Equally important is the formation of their methodological culture, acquaintance with the methods of scientific research. The Board activities should lead to the readiness to percept and develop new scientific ideas and theories.

Special attention is paid to the participation of young researchers in the activities of scientific schools, laboratories, problem groups, and cooperation with the University Students' Scientific Society.

The investigations of the young scientists and scholars are organized in the following areas:

-         Natural sciences and mathematics;

-         Humanitarian

-         Psychological and pedagogical

-         Historical and philosophical.

An important aspect is the participation of young scientists in scientific conferences and various competitions, exhibitions, international and regional research projects. In this regard the Board contributes to the dissemination of relevant information on grants, scientific exchange and international investigations among young researchers of the University.

The members of the Board participate in organizing students’ scientific conferences and meetings cooperating with the Students' Scientific Society and Students’ University Fraternity. The Board supervises roundtables, consultations, lectures for students covering most vital problems of scientific research organization such as research methods, empirical research rules, peculiarities of information analysis in different branches of science, research results presentation.