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  • Acmeology of Education
  • Brecht-Zentrum
  • Complex and Hypercomplex Analysis
  • Constructing Technical Means of Physical-Recreational Use
  • Cytogenetic and Genetic-Ecological Monitoring of the Environment
  • Ecosystemological Monitoring of the Environment State
  • Historical and Country Study Principles of Foreign Languages Teacher’s Training
  • Hydro ecological Problems of Polissia (in cooperation with the Institute of Hydrobiology of the NAS of Ukraine)
  • Hydro ecology
  • Issues of Early Foreign Languages Learning and Teaching in Ukraine and Abroad
  • Language Education in Modern Professional Training
  • Polissia School of Andragogics
  • Political Analytics
  • Population Ecology
  • Problems of Supervising the System of Secondary School Youth’s Physical Education
  • Professional’s Personality Social Development
  • Research of Volyn’s History
  • Social and Cultural Development and Integration of Children and Young People with Special Needs
  • Sociological Laboratory
  • Students’ Training Research Laboratory of the Department of Intercultural Communication
  • Synergetics of Education
  • Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Studying the Impact of Speech
  • Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Physical Education and Recreation
  • Theory and Practice of Training Prospective Teachers for Pedagogical Activity
  • Visual Anthropology


  • Correction of Behaviour of Radiological Control Area
  • Ecology of Education
  • Educational System of Polissia
  • Formation of Professional Competence with the Prospective Foreign Languages Teachers by means of Modern Technologies
  • Methods of Teaching Folk art and Design
  • Pedagogical Training of Masters
  • Preparing Students to Use Innovative Technologies of Teaching Foreign Languages at Junior School
  • Problems of Social and Educational Activities for Children of Different Age Groups
  • Problems of Teaching Foreign Languages in a Polilog of Cultures


  • Adaptation of Waldorf Pedagogics in Ukraine
  • Ensemble Singing
  • Kobzar Maidan
  • Problems of Choir Performance