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Internet Portal of Organizational and Methodological Support of the Distant Olympiads in Programming for Gifted Youth (supervised by Lyashenko Boris, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor; Zhukovsky Sergey S., Ph. D., As. Professor, Kryvonos Alexander, Ph. D., As. Professor, Vakalyuk Tatiana A., Ph. D., As. Professor, Svitlana Postova, assistant).

Internet portal MySQL contains database to store information, allows to register users, place tasks, rank users, hold competitions in programming; includes an automated system checking tasks with compilers Free Pascal, Visual Visual C ++ 9.0, C ++ 6.0, Gnu C ++, JDK 1.6.0. There exists a possibility to use multiple testing programs running on different computers in the global Internet, and remote control of Internet portal administration page.

Internet portal is designed for the operating system Windows which makes it different from existing analogues. It can be installed in a local network for the competitions.

Creation of an Internet portal providts open access for students to lectures, instructional and methodological guidelines for laboratory work, examples of solving tasks on disciplines of the specialties «Information and communication technologies and Information*», provides an opportunity to create individual teacher’s sessions and remote testing to control students’ theoretical knowledge and laboratory works.

Databases of eco-system monitoring (supervised by Knomiak Ivan V., Ph. D., As. Professor).

Software package ADEM is a universal software system for monitoring ecological systems at the amateur and professional level. A number of databases which systemize the information about the most important features and properties of particular biological community and landscape ecosystems (place in the classification, typical plant communities; diagnostic, characteristic and other plants; characteristics of abiotic, biotic and anthropogenic factors, distribution and protection). ADEM programs make it possible to analyze ecosystems in the field using a laptop, wireless internet, GPS) avoiding a prolonged phase of cameral information and being able to take corrective action in place; to automatically receive hypothesis of environmental and economic potential; obtain a wide range of information to determine the ecological niche of investigated species or populations; to anticipate threats to the ecosystem; to determine the impact of the studied ecosystem on psychological and physical health of people; to explore and predict the development of ecosystems.

The package is easy to use and can be used in order to optimize conservation activities.

Equipment for the Laboratories of Physics in Secondary and Higher Educational Institutions (Project Managers: Tkachenko Alexander K., Ph. D., As. Professor, Head of the Physics Department of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University, Tselinko Michael G., Ph. D., associate professor, Prokopenko Mykola, Havinskyy Anatoly S., Deputy Head of the Private Stock Company «Elektrovymiryuvach»).

Equipment for laboratories of Physics significantly increases the level of teaching of such disciplines as physics, electrical engineering, and electronics. Workplace «Shkoliar» consists of a patch bay, a set of devices, power supply and methodological support, is designed for frontal laboratory works on the theme «Electricity and Magnetism». Workplace «Electronics» allows us to study the work of electronic and logic circuits and consists of a switching panel, kit modules, holder battery cells and description of electronic and logic circuits. Laboratory set «Mechanics» is meant for laboratory and practical work on physical mechanics and allows students to familiarize with the simplest methods of direct measurement of linear dimensions, volume, mass, force, temperature, and time periods. The set consists of speed measuring devices (stopwatch, thermometer, calipers, load cell), and special equipment (treadmill, drain capacitance components of the folding scales and a set of weights, friction block and so on). Laboratory set «Molecular Physics and Thermodynamics» which consists of individual devices and special equipment provides laboratory work on molecular physics and thermodynamics. Demonstration set «Electrodynamics» is meant for the demonstrational experiment. A set KEň providing laboratories with power in order to ensure voltage 36/42 V includes microcoulomb meter, milliveber meter, educational power sources, current calibrator, voltage calibrator, high voltage calibrator, millivolt meter, measuring capacitor, solenoid with vernier and measuring coil, toroidal transformer, magnetic and measuring coil, set of capacitors on stands, switches.

The equipment has attractive design, and is of low cost, can be used in institutions of secondary and higher education. It aims at optimization of the educational process, improving the training of students and pupils in physics.