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Innovative Center

Innovative Center was created in the university in order to promote innovative research and the increase in financial revenues. The goals of the Center comprise:

1) strategic management of innovative scientific activities and intellectual property of the University;

2) creating conditions for the research and teaching staff to conduct innovative scientific research;

3) implementing technology transfer and commercialization of scientific developments of the teaching staff of the University;

4) searching for external funding for innovative scientific projects;

5) promoting regional, national and international cooperation in the field of innovative scientific research;

6) strengthening the position of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University as a leading innovative research and educational center in the region;

7) providing deeper integration between the members of the research center "Polissia" and dissemination of their experience among other institutions of Zhytomyr Region and Ukraine.

Innovation Center provides:

- managing intellectual property through the collection and evaluation of commercially promising technologies, their marketing, intellectual property protection, development of commercialization strategies for technology transfer;

- creating databases of completed technologies which may be interesting for external customers;

- assisting in bringing to University research contracts and grants with industry, advising on the administration and management of intellectual property, promoting joint initiatives between the University, industry, foundations and other organizations in the scientific, educational and economic spheres;

- forming a package (bank) orders on technology and development which are essential for business entities ;

- developing and implementing policies and procedures on the University in the sphere of intellectual property and technology transfer, developing necessary documents and forms for university technology transfer;

- conducting research on the development of innovative activities and technology transfer;

- information support of innovative activities and technology transfer;

- advising staff and students on the management of intellectual property, transfer (commercialization) of technologies and management of contract (ordered) research projects ;

- organizing commercial services (education, consulting, etc.) on the basis of innovative projects of the University teaching staff;

- raising awareness and training of staff and students in the sphere of commercialization of research results, and enterprises in scientific, educational and economic spheres;

- promoting interdisciplinary relations of the structures of the University with academic research institutions and industry;

- involving additional resources for success activities in technology transfer;

- participating in the organization and maintenance of competitions for commercial implementation of research and innovation projects;

- organizing conferences and seminars on issues related to technology transfer, entrepreneurship, scientific and technical exchanges;

- developing cooperation including international in the field of scientific research and technology transfer, promoting the creation of academic and international research laboratories and centers;

- informing the business community, government agencies and departments about the opportunities of prospective cooperation with the University in science and technology transfer, dissemination and promotion of scientific knowledge.