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Research Centres

  • Astronomy Research Centre

    Priority activities areas: astrophysics of high energies: active galaxies, cosmological gamma flares, cosmic rays of ultrahigh energies hyper new stars, remnants of super new stars, neutrino astrophysics and astronomical observations.

  • Centre for Polish Studies

    was opened on November, 10, 2004 at the Slavic and Germanic Languages Department of Educational and Research Institute of Philology and Journalism.

    is headed by Natalia Misiats.

    Priority activities areas: interdisciplinary research of various problems connected with Polish Studies in the spheres of education, philosophy and philology.

  • Centre for European and North-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine

    was created at the Department of Ukrainian History in 2008.

    is headed by . V. rdn.

    Priority activities areas: research in the sphere of European and North-Atlantic integration of Ukraine.

  • Czech-Ukrainian Cultural-Educational Centre (Bohemian Studies)

    works at the Department of Didactic Linguistics and Literary Studies since 2007.

    is headed by Larysa Shevtsova.

    Priority activities areas: research in the fields of linguistics and didactics, the Czech language and literature development, and to promote cultural and scientific Ukrainian-Czech relations. Of special interest is the historical analysis of Czech settlers’ everyday life and activities in Zhytomyr Region.

  • Northern-Ukrainian Dialectology Centre named after Mykola Nykonchuk

    was established at the Department of the Ukrainian language in 2001.

    Initially the Northern Ukrainian Dialectology Centre was headed by M. Nykonchuk, Professor. Nowadays it is headed by V. Moisienko, Doctor of Philological Sciences, and Professor.

    Priority activities areas: synchronic and diachronic study of Northern Ukrainian dialects; publication of scientific monographs and manuals, organizing and holding scientific meetings etc.

  • Centre of Functional Linguistics Named after prof. D. I. Kveselevych

    was founded in 2004 on the basis of scientific school «Problems of Semantics in Structural and Functional Information Theory Context» (Department of English Philology and Translation).

    is headed by prof. . V. Syngaivska.

    Priority activities areas: research in functional grammar, gender linguistics, speech influence, generative grammar, cultural studies, country study, media linguistics, terminology; organization of scientific conferences.

  • Cenfre of a Gifted Child

    was created in 2005 at the Center of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Tutorial.

    is headed by H. V. Iamchynska.

  • Scientific-Coordinational Malacological Centre

    was created on the basis of Malacology School (Department of Zoology, Department of Biological Monitoring and Nature Defense).

    is headed by prof. A. P. Stadnychenko.

    Priority activities areas: research in the field of Malacology among post-graduates, students, and university staff. Centre coordinates the activities connected with collecting mollusks, compiling malacological exposition of the University museum, disseminating information on collections of mollusks that are stored in scientific and educational institutions in Ukraine and abroad among national and international experts.

  • Scientific and Methodological Self-Access Foreign Languages Teachers’ Centre

    was created in 2004.

    is headed by prof. L. V. Kalinina.

    Priority activities areas: helping prospective foreign language teachers and young teachers of foreign languages to form their professional competence. The Centre maintains relations with scientific and methodological institutions of Great Britain, the USA, and Canada. The Centre organizes summer schools for foreign language which involve seminars conducted by experienced teachers from the UK and USA and cooperates with Peace Corps volunteers in Ukraine. The centre collaborates with the Institute for Innovative Educational Technologies.

  • Centre of Fiction Poetics

    was created in 2004 at the Department of Germanic Philology and Foreign Literature.

    is headed by prof. O. S. Chyrkov.

    Priority activities areas: research in the sphere of poetics, genre poetics, subject of literature and poetics, subjective poetics.

  • Specialized Innovative Centre

    was created in 2005 at the Department of Pre-school Education and Pedagogical Innovations.

    is headed by As. prof. A. P. Virkovsky.

    Priority activities areas: systemic analysis and classification of innovative technologies, analysis of social-economic environment in the region, working out recommendations in order to react to the social and economic situation in the region.

  • Scientific-Methodological Centre of Work with Gifted Students

    was created at the Department of Pedagogics in 2006.

    is headed by prof. O. E. Antonova.

    Priority activities areas: support of pedagogically gifted youth, development of their talents, stimulating creative activities of the students, teachers, lectures.

  • Polissia Innovative Centre of Education and Development

    works at the Department of Pedagogics, Psychology and Educational Institutions Management.

    is headed by As. prof. Iu. O. Kostiushko.

    Priority activities areas: research in the sphere of educational innovations and preparation of the specialists to their realization, cooperation with teachers, psychologists, and social workers.

  • Centre of Ethnolinguistic Research

    was created at the department of the Ukrainian Language in 2007.

    is headed by As. prof. V. L. Konobrodska.

    Priority activities areas: research in the sphere of ethnolinguistics, folk culture of Middle Polissia.

  • Centre of Gender Education

    was created at the Department of Social Pedagogics and Pedagogical Skills in 2007.

    is headed by . L. Ostapchuk.

    Priority activities areas: creating information resources in gender issues, implementating gender approach in education and upbringing, creating courses on gender issues.

  • Centre of Jewish Studies

    was established on December, 19th 2008.

    is headed by Assistant Professor Nataliya Rudnytska.

    Priority activities areas: Initiates and coordinates research programs devoted to Jewish history of Volyn Province and Zhytomyr Region; popularizes the common history of Ukrainians, Jews and other ethnic communities that lived on the territory of Ukraine.

  • Centre for Social-Psychological Research

    was founded in 2010 at the Department of Social and Practical Psychology.

    is headed by prof. L. Zhuravliova.

    Priority activities areas: theoretical and experimental research activity in the sphere of social psychology, disseminating the research results; cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign scientific and public organizations.

  • Centre of Aesthetic Anthropology and Ethnocultural Studies

    was created in 2011 at the Department of Aesthetics, Ethics and Fine Art and the Department of Publishing, Editing, Basics of Journalism and Philology.

    is headed by prof. O. P. Polishchuk.

    Priority activities areas: research in social-humanitarian and artistic-pedagogical spheres, cooperation with public organizations and scholars.

  • International Centre of Modern Music «Nvt»

    was created in 2011 at the Department of Music and Choreography with Methods of Teaching.

    is headed by As. prof. O. V. Plotnytska.

    Priority activities areas: making popular modern academic music, presentation of research results in the media, cooperation with public organizations, research in the sphere of modern music.

  • Experimental-Thematic Centre for Educational and Research Activity

    was created in 2013 at the Department of Linguistic Techniques and Culture of Professional Language.

    is headed by prof. . Ia. lymova.

    Priority activities areas: Supporting educational, and research work of students with the necessary software; providing consultative, scientific and educational methodological assistance to teachers, postgraduate students, masters, undergraduate students and secondary school students-members of Junior Academy of Sciences; involving teachers and students in the activities aimed at the creation of «National Corps of Educational and Resource Literature» content; organizing and conducting meetings (seminars, conferences, etc.) devoted to the problems of informational and educational space formation and development and providing distance educational services; popularizing modern lexicographic, linguistic, educational and resource electronic and paper sources.

  • nnovative Centre

    Was founded in 2013 at the Department of Management and Administration.

    Priority activities areas: managing intellectual property through the collection and evaluation of commercially promising technologies, their marketing, intellectual property protection, development of commercialization strategies for technology transfer; creating databases of completed technologies which may be interesting for external customers; assisting in bringing to University research contracts and grants with industry, advising on the administration and management of intellectual property, promoting joint initiatives between the University, industry, foundations and other organizations in the scientific, educational and economic spheres; developing and implementing policies and procedures on the University in the sphere of intellectual property and technology transfer, developing necessary documents and forms for university technology transfer; conducting research on the development of innovative activities and technology transfer; organizing conferences and seminars on issues related to technology transfer, entrepreneurship, scientific and technical exchanges; developing cooperation including international in the field of scientific research and technology transfer, promoting the creation of academic and international research laboratories and centers; informing the business community, government agencies and departments about the opportunities of prospective cooperation with the University in science and technology transfer, dissemination and promotion of scientific knowledge.

  • Centre of Human Rights Research

    was created in 2014 at the Department of Special Historical Disciplines and Law Studies.

    is headed by As. prof. O. P. Rudnytska.

    Priority activities areas: research in the sphere of human rights.

  • Centre of Historiographic Research

    was created in 2014 at the Department of Special Historical Disciplines and Law Studies.

    is headed by prof. . . Iarmoshyk.

    Priority activities areas: initiation and coordination of historiographic research.

  • Centre «Universum of Volyn Text»

    was created in 2013 at the Department of Theory and History of World Literature.

    is headed by prof. V. Ershov.