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Scientific research sector

Priority research areas:

  1. Holistic model of Modern Science and its influence on the paradigmatic shifts of post-non-classical science;
  2. Historical memory as a representative form of reality;
  3. Concept of tolerance as a principle for cultural and spiritual experience integration into a single system of values;
  4. Problems of European and Euro-Atlantic integration and cross-border cooperation, national security of Ukraine;
  5. Reconstruction of the parent-state of Traditional Spiritual Folk Culture of Central Polissya as a part of Common Slavic linguistic and cultural landscape;
  6. Commutative algebra and spatial potential fields;
  7. Nanotechnology and scientific-technological progress;
  8. Photo-inducted anisotropy in polymer films with genetic mutants of bacteria-rhodopsinn and their peculiarities use for dynamic holographic recording;
  9. Optimization of thermal and microwave modes of powerful microwave emission and light emitting devices based on nanostructures;
  10. New composite nanostructure composite materials on mezomorphic salts of metal alkanoates for electronic and photonic information system;
  11. Development of nano-optics methods for water purification of central Polissya river ecosystem;
  12. The role of hydro-bionts in quality forming of central Polissya river ecosystem;
  13. Genological and geographical peculiarities of invertebrate species complexes;
  14. Radio-ecological monitoring of Central Polissya biocenoses;
  15. Modern pedagogical innovative technology of training and breeding;
  16. Financial and economic problems of countries with transitive economies.