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Educational Scientific Production Complex “Polissya”

Educational Scientific Production Complex “Polissya” was created at Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University according to the order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated № 480 June 15th 2004. The Complex is a voluntary association of state and private educational establishments based on different forms of ownership. Educational establishments, that are the members of the Complex, retain legal and financial autonomy.

Educational institutions that form ESPC “Polissya” function according to the Constitution of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine “On Education”, “On Higher Education”, “National Doctrine of Education of Ukraine in the XXI Century”, the current legislation, Statute and Foundation agreement on joint activities, and other legal documents related to the activities of the Complex.

According to the Statute approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Complex “Polissya” provides collaboration of educational institutions, promotes the introduction of phased training of prospective specialists due to the cross-training plans and programs and effective use of the teaching staff, laboratory and production facilities, social infrastructure; organization of advancement of teachers’ qualification, conduct of joint researches, testing and use of research results, development of training-methodological materials.

The founders of the Complex are the institutions that were members of the educational complex, created in 2003; they are Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University, Berdichev Pedagogical College, Korostishev Ivan Franko Pedagogical College, Zhytomyr Regional Pedagogical Lyceum, Zhytomyr Humanitarian Gymnasium № 1, Zhytomyr M. J. Ocheret Humanitarian Gymnasium № 23, Zhytomyr M. O. Shchors City Lyceum of I-III levels № 25, Zhytomyr City School of choreography “Sonechko”.

Educational Scientific Production Complex “Polissya” includes not only its founders but also educational establishments of different types which signed Foundation agreement on joint activities with Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University, among them Zhytomyr Center for Vocational Education named after the hero of the Soviet Union A. N. Vitruka, Zhytomyr City College, Zhytomyr City Gymnasium № 3, Novograd-Volynskyj Medical College, Novograd-Volynskyj College, Experimental School of I-III levels № 10 of Berdichev city, Volodar-Volynskyj training and educational association “School-kindergarten” of I-III level № 1, Radomyshl Lyceum № 1 named after T. G. Shevchenko, Olevsk School of I-III levels № 1.

Prof. P. Yu. Saukh, rector of the university, was appointed as the head of the Complex by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The principal trends of activities of the complex are:

  • development and preparation of teaching-methodological supply of pedagogical process;
  • training employees on the bases of the Complex;
  • organization of learning and teaching student practice;
  • work with gifted pupils and students;
  • conferences, seminars, round-table talks, courses on current issues of the Complex, preparation, publication and implementation of practical recommendations, scientific and methodical article collections depicting the experience of the complex;
  • organization of joint educational activities;
  • considerftion of reports of individual members of the Complex, faculties, departments and other structural units of the complex on the planned joint training, scientific and educational activities.

Activities of the “Polissya” are held according to the plan, which was discussed and approved by the Chairman of the Board of the Complex, Rector of the University, at the first meeting. Every two months the meetings are held to discuss joint research programs, the results of entrance examinations to the university, introduction of module-rating system to the educational process; work with talented youth, the problem of differentiation in the learning process etc. One of the forms of complex meetings is a round table discussion on the topical issues of education, especially on the points of basic principles and methods of educational technologies implementation in schools and higher educational estabishments in the context of the Bologna Process, criteria for assessment of school graduates and university applicants, implementation of pedagogic cooperation ideas to the educational process, External independent testing as the factor in the quality of education and others. During the meetings presentations of scientific and teaching collections of University and educational establishments—members of the complex are regularly held. Moreover, exhibitions of scientific works are often presented.

Since 2006 every year the Ñomplex carries out guest meetings. Thus, in February 2006 Novgorod Volynskyj College welcomed members of the Complex, in March 2007, members visited Berdichev Pedagogical College, in March 2008 members of the complex had a guest meeting in Novograd Volynskyj Medical College. Tradition of guest meetings is still preserved.

Joint activities of scientists and teachers in research and teaching laboratories, international and state conferences, round-table talks, exhibitions and presentation of creative student works of Complex members are regularly organized. Members of the Complex actively participate in the annual methodological fair of the University.

Section work of the Compex is one of the strongest trends in its activity. In particular, three laboratories are successfully run at the Department of teaching foreign languages and applied linguistics. These scientific-methodological laboratories are dedicated to the problems of “Innovative technologies of teaching foreign language in elementary school” (head of the laboratory is prof. Kalinina L. V.), “Problems of teaching foreign languages in cultural polylog” (head—assoc. prof. Samoylyukevych I. V.), “Building professional competence of prospective teachers of foreign languages by means of modern technology” (head—senior instructor Berezenska L. I.). Laboratories constantly conducts guest meetings in Korostyshiv Teaching College named after Ivan Franko, Berdychiv college, Regional Pedagogical Lyceum, Humanitarian gymnasium № 1, City college № 25, Humanitarian gymnasium № 23, City College.

As a result of joint work a number of scientific and methodical collections were produced: “Scientific and methodical cooperation in the University system—secondary and higher education” in 2004 and “Educational innovations in the process of teaching”. Collections highlight the main activities of research and teaching laboratories and innovative experience of Educational Scientific Production Complex “Polissya”. In 2006 a collection of scientific and methodical works “Problems of improving the quality of education in the context of European integration processes: experience, innovation and prospects” was published analyzing experience and innovative achievements of educational establishments according to the modern standards. In 2008 collaboration of members resulted in publication of scientific and methodical collection “Ways and means to further the creative growth of talented youth”.

Thus one can state that educational establishments that are members of the complex, actively cooperate with the departments, faculties and institutes of the university, exchange experience and are aimed at modernization of training-educational process in the light of current requirements, which are the basis for further creative cooperation.