Department of Philosophy

In 1964 Department of Philosophy and Scientific Communism was formed on the basis of Department of Marxism-Leninism. In 1984 Department of Philosophy and Economics was formed, at the end of August 2003 it was divided into Department of Philosophy and Department of Economics.

At various times such Doctors of Sciences (Philosophy), Professors V.A. Buslynskyy, A.M. Kolodny, S.P. Shcherba, V. M. Vandyshev, Doctor of Sciences (History), Professor M.I. Lavrynovych, Associate Professors L.P. Byelov, A.I. Kolodna, S.O. Krivosheyev, M.S. Lysak, V.K. Shchedrin, L.V. Dovzhyk, A.I. Padalko, V.M. Shornikov, M.M. Samardak, M.G. Toftul,  Candidates of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professors  M.L. Dotsenko,  A.U.  Urazov, V.V. Yakobchuk,  Candidates of Sciences (Philosophy) O.S. Samarsky, M.F. Sharov, U.V. Krymus, A.S. Zhalovaha, Candidates of Sciences (History) O.A. Kopyl, I.A. Melnychuk, senior lecturers L.M. Grinchenko A.I. Berezny, assistant lecturers F.G. Vasilenko, S.Z. Kapustin, E.D. Ponomarenko, G.A. Shvedyuk, N.V. Gryshchenko, O.I. Kravchuk, S.P. Soroka, N.U. Bolsha, O.L. Pyvovarsky, O.V Kantsler, O.U. Gukov, L.L. Shkil were the members of the department.

The department was headed by  L.P. Byelov, V.A. Buslynskyy, O.M. Shvydak, S.P. Shcherba (1987 - 2000 ), V.M. Vandyshev (2003 - 2004), M.A. Kozlovets (2000 - 2003, 2004 - 2008). The head of the department has been Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Professor P.U. Saukh since 2008.

There are 19 members of the department now. Among them: the rector of the university, Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Academician of the Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine, Honorary Academician of the International Academy of Personnel, Honorary Worker of Education of Ukraine P .Yu. Saukh, Doctors of Sciences (Philosophy), Professors I.V. Bohachevska, A.A. Gerasymchuk , B.B. Glotov, M.A. Kozlovets, M.N. Stadnyk, Candidates of Sciences (Philosophy), Associate Professors V.O. Starodubets, S.Ya. Suhachov, V.M. Slyusar, N.M. Kovtun, Candidates of Sciences (Sociology), Associate Professors N.U. Butkovska, Candidate of Sciences (Philology), Associate Professor S.V. Rudnitsky, Candidate of Sciences (Philosophy), Associate Professor  O.V. Chaplinska, Candidates of  Sciences (Philosophy), senior lecturers I.K. Vityuk, B.A. Kanivets, O.L. Sokolovsky, assistant lecturers: A.V. Ruskevych, V.M. Zaglada, L.V. Gorokhova.

In the  2002-2003 academic year, at the department of philosophy of Ivan Franko Zhytomyr State University the post-graduate school was opened in such specialities as “Religious Studies”, "Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture", "History of Philosophy", "Social Philosophy and Philosophy of History".

Since 2009 a specialized scientific council has been opened in defense of candidates’ theses in such specialities as "Religious Studies" and "Social Philosophy and Philosophy of History". In 2009-2012 6 post-graduates (L.M. Pogorila, N.M. Kovtun, O.L. Sokolovsky, O.I. Svintsitska L.V. Gorokhova, S.P.Yatsyk) and 5 applicants (O. Leshchenko, I.V. Bulyga, M.S. Melnychuk, S.S. Marasyuk, R.V. Martych) defended their theses successfully. 2 theses that were defended in Poland passed nostrification.

In 2011-2012 post-graduate course to obtain the doctor of sciences degree was opened in such specialities as"Religious Study", "Social Philosophy and Philosophy of History".4 post-graduate students  has been working on doctor’s theses.

The members of the department are taking part in their research work. Associate Professors S.V. Rudnitsky and S.Ya. Sukhachov are working on their doctor’s theses. 18 post-graduates and 4 applicants are working on their candidates’ theses.

In recent years, lecturers and post-graduates has defended a doctor’s thesis and more than 10 candidates’ theses.

The main areas of research are philosophical anthropology and philosophy of culture, philosophy of science, social philosophy and philosophy of history, the history of philosophy, the problems of religion, which is closely linked with the history of spirituality in Ukraine, theory and history of sociology, current political issues of modern Ukrainian society, the problems of globalization, etc.

Lecturers are working on the scientific topics of the chair: "The Test of Human Existence: Classic and Post-classical Discourse" and "Tolerance as a socio-humanitarian problem of our time". During 2000 - 2012 about 30 monographies and 25 textbooks in philosophy, philosophy of history, philosophical foundations of management and business, logics, logics for lawyers, sociology, sociology of business, sociology of religion, religious studies, politologies, ethics, ethics and etiquette of business and design (by P.Yu.Saukh, A.A. Gerasymchuk, O.M. Shvydak, M.A. Kozlovets, S.Ya.Sukhachov, V.M.Slyusar, N.U. Butkovska, N.M. Kovtun, S.V. Rudnitsky, I.K. Vituc, V.M. Zaglada, L.V. Gorokhova and others), and more than 150 scientific works, articles and theses were published.

The department of philosophy organizes and conducts the international scientific conferences, including: "Postmodernism: Results, Problems and Prospects" (2003), "Modern terrorism: Philosophy, Ideology and Forms of Manifestation" (2004); Third Shynkaruk’s reading "Personality. Philosopher. Humanist." (2005), "Tolerance as a Socio-humanitarian Problem of Our Time" (2007, 2009, 2011), "Present-day Problems of Philosophy and Sciences: Today's Challenges" (2010, 2012).