Department of Artistic Disciplines and Teaching Methods

The Department of Artistic Disciplines and Teaching Methods was established in 1988. During this time the Department was headed by Yu. V. Hrynevych, Ye. V. Plyuschyk, I. P. Bochkovskyi, I. V. Baladynska, O. V. Plotnytska. Now the department is headed by PhD (Education), Associate Professor Iryna Vladyslavivna Baladynska.

The activity of the Department is based on the principles of humanistic orientation of the educational process, priorities of human values, the interests of national education. The main task of the Department is to prepare qualified specialists in the field of music and choreography. The Department trains specialists in the field of knowledge 0202 «Art», specialities «Musical Art*» and «Choreography*».

Nowadays the Department has 26 employees, including 4 professors, 9 associate professors, 2 People’s Artists of Ukraine, 1 Honored Artist of Ukraine, 3 Honored Cultural Figure of Poland, concertmasters, laboratory assistants.

The scientific direction of the Department is «Theory and Methodology of Art Education».

The lecturers of the department have defended theses on the following topics:

  • Moisieieva M. A. Music and performing activities as a means of forming professional skills of a music teacher (1999).
  • Oliinyk S. V. Formation of musical and creative potential of a primary school teacher (2005).
  • Bovsunivska N. M. The development of school music education in Volyn (late XIX — early XX century) (2005).
  • Plotnytska O. V. Formation of artistic-analytical skills of future music teachers (2005).
  • Lutsenko V. V. Formation of creative activity of the future teacher of music by means of computer technologies (2010).
  • Tsiuriak I. O. Methods of application of personality oriented technologies in the process of conducting and choral training of future music teachers (2010).
  • Chernyshova A. M. Professional and educational training of primary school teachers for teaching choreography (2014).

The Department has 7 students’ and 3 lecturers’ art amateur groups, 3 of which have national honorary titles.

Amateur vocal group «Elegiia» (leader — senior teacher Valentyna Sychevska, concertmaster — Olena Titova), was founded in 1981. Its members are students of the Institute of Pedagogics.

«Elegiia» is a creative laboratory of ensemble singing that promotes musical education of students, develops their musical and performing skills, explores the best examples of Ukrainian songs and forms artistic and creative skills of the students. The team is the winner of numerous national and regional festivals and competitions, international and national scientific conferences, exhibitions and reviews of folk art.

Folk dance ensemble «Yunist» (leaders — People’s Artists of Ukraine Tetiana and Mykhailo Huzun). The teaching techniques implemented in the choreographic classroom not only optimize the learning of dance techniques, but also improve students’ artistic and professional performing skills. With its exquisite craftsmanship, elegance of the filigree movements and sincere hearts of the artists the ensemble performances attract the viewers’ attention both in Ukraine and abroad.

Folk Instruments Orchestra (artistic director and conductor — Honored Artist of Ukraine, Associate Professor Vasyl Rutetskyi) was founded in 1993. The repertoire consists of works of Ukrainian and European composers. The orchestra is a creative laboratory for improving students’ performing skills. During the orchestra classes students develop their artistic and creative potential. The orchestra plays an important role in students’ artistic, spiritual and creative development, promotes music education of students and youth of the city and the region. The Orchestra of Folk Instruments regularly takes part in annual art events held at the university and in the city.

Teachers and students of the Department are actively involved in artistic and educational activities of the city and the region. Among the groups of the Department are:

  • Chamber Choir «Artania» (director Valentyn Fedorchenko);
  • Trio of bandura players (director Yelizaveta Rohovska);
  • Vocal quartet «Retro» (director Valentyn Fedorchenko);
  • Vocal ensemble «Disco Lady» (director Elizaveta Rogovska);
  • Creative formation «Soloists of Polissia» (director Natalia Travkina);
  • Student vocal ensemble «GRAFIKO» (director Valentyn Fedorchenko).

The Department provides the work of the student research group, the discussion group and 3 creative laboratories:

  • student research group «Orchestic and music education at Waldorf School» (supervisor — senior teacher Ye. V. Pliushchyk);
  • discussion group «Naukovets» (supervisor — Associate Professor S. V. Oliinyk) is working on the topic «Musical and creative development of pupils at music lessons». In 2000-2013 more than 40 student research works were published. The best ones were awarded honorary diplomas and valuable gifts;
  • creative laboratory «Kobzarskyi Maidan» (supervisor — lecturer Ye. V. Rohovska);
  • creative laboratory «Problems of choral performance» (supervisor — lecturer V. K. Fedorchenko);
  • creative laboratory «Ensemble singing» (supervisor — senior teacher V. V. Sychevska).

The dapaertment participates in international and national scientific conferences, the total number of scientific publications reaches 400.

The chair has established international scientific and educational contacts. Associate professor I. V. Baladynska is the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the All-Ukrainian Competition of Chamber Ensembles named after. J. Paderewski, the President of the Zhytomyr Redion Charitable Foundation «United Foundation of Renaissance of Polish National Remembrance». Senior teacher N. M. Travkina is the winner of the III International Festival of Slavic music (Kharkiv). She made a number of trips with lectures and lecture-concerts (Ukraine, Germany, Poland). Associate Professor M. A. Moisieieva is a coordinator of relations between the department and Art teachers of educational institutions of the city in the projects «Integration of Ukrainian art education into the world educational space» and «Using Internet resources in independent training of future teachers of music». In October 2011, the International Centre of contemporary classical music «Novato» was established on the basis of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University. The purpose of the center is to promote classical music, the further development of the best samples of Ukrainian and world music; strengthening cultural ties and exchange of experience with leading cultural centers in Ukraine and abroad.