Department of Preschool Education and Pedagogical Innovations

Department of Preschool Education and Pedagogical Innovations of the Educational and Research Institute of Pedagogics was founded in 1995 as the Chair of Theory and Methodology of Education. It was headed by V. Y. Lytnyov, the Candidate of Sciences (Education), Associated Professor. The first members of the chair were: Associated Professors H. F. Hrinchenko, T. O. Hrishenkova; Assistant Professor T. I. Huzhanova, V. S. Kudriashova, lecturers: T. P. Moskvina, V. I. Vyhovskyi. In 2004 the chair was reorganized, due to the topicality of the researches realized, into the chair of Innovative Techniques of Teaching and Education and was headed by I. I. Konovalchuk. In 2009 the chair was renamed into the Chair of Preschool Education and Pedagogical Innovations.

Department members:

  • I. I. Konovalchuk, the Candidate of Sciences (Education), Associated Professor, the Head of the Chair.
  • H. P. Vasianovych, the Doctor of Sciences (Education), Professor, the Head of the Department of the Humanitarian Education of Lviv Education and Research Center of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.
  • O. V. Vozniuk, The Doctor of Sciences (Education), Associated Professor.
  • N. Y. Rudnytska, the Candidate of Sciences (Education), Associated Professor.
  • T. P. Moskvina, the Candidate of Sciences (Education), Associated Professor.
  • V. Y. Lytnyov, the Candidate of Sciences (Education), Associated Professor, the Director of the Educational and Research Institute of Pedagogics.
  • T. I. Huzhanova, the Candidate of Sciences (Philology), Associated Professor.
  • N. A. Basiuk, the Candidate of Sciences (Education), Associated Professor.
  • Y. M. Klymeniuk, the Candidate of Sciences (Education), Associated Professor.
  • M. A. Fedorova, the Candidate of Sciences (Education), Associated Professor.
  • O. O. Maksimova, the Candidate of Sciences (Education), Associated Professor.
  • N. P. Tarnavska, the Candidate of Science (Psychology), Associated Professor.
  • M. O. Synytsa, lecturer.
  • I. V. Naumchuk, lecturer.
  • I. I. Konovalchuk, lecturer.

Research areas of the chair:

  • Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Innovative Educational Processes (Associated Professor I. I. Konovalchuk).
  • Moral and Legal Responsibility of the Teacher (Professor H. P. Vasianovych).
  • Theory of Knowledge Synthesis: A New Paradigm of Education. The Synthesis of Science and Religion. Societal Psyche of Ukrainian People. The Theory of Influence. Psychotherapy. Acmeology. Synergetic Paradigm (in education, psychology, philosophy, sociology. economics, natural sciences). Methods of Foreign Language Teaching. Ecological and Aesthetic Education. Noosphere Education and Healthy Life Style. (Associated Professor O. V. Vozniuk).
  • Innovative Training of Prospective Teachers of Primary School to Educational Interaction with Children’s Public Associations (Associated Professor V. Y. Lytnyov).
  • Implementation of Innovative Techniques into the Teaching Process of Primary School Children (Associated Professor N. Y. Rudnytska).
  • Education of Humanistic Orientation of Prospective Primary School Teachers (Associated Professor T. P. Moskvina).
  • The Organization of Extra-curricular Educational work of Primary School Children (Associated Professor T. I. Huzhanova).
  • The Formation of the Feeling of Responsibility of Primary School Children (Associated Professor N. A. Basiuk).
  • The Organization of Moral Education of Preschool Children (Associated Processor M. A. Fedorova).
  • The Preparation of the Prospective Educators to the Creation of the Situation of Success in Game Activity of Preschool Children (Associated Professor O. O. Maksimova).
  • The Preparation of the Prospective Teachers to the Work with Gifted Learners (Associated Professor Y. M. Klymeniuk).
  • The Improvement of the Preventive Activities of the Educators of Preschool Educational Establishments (Associated Professor N. P. Tarnavska).
  • The Formation of the Readiness of Prospective Teachers and Educators of Preschool Educational Establishments to the Use of Multimedia Techniques in Professional Activity (Lecturer M. O. Synytsa).
  • The Preparation of the Managers of Preschool Educational Establishments to the Innovative Activities in the System of Postgraduate Education (Lecturer I. V. Naumchuk).
  • The Preparation of the Prospective Primary School Teachers to the Development of the Giftedness of Primary School Children (Lecturer I. I. Konovalchuk).

The teachers of the Chair are currently working on the research in three areas: historical pedagogics, social pedagogics, methodology of teaching and education.

The team of the Chair sees the development, improvement and implementation of the innovative forms, methods and techniques of work with students as their strategic priority.

The complex research topic of the Chair is «The Implementation of Educational Innovations into the System of Prospective Preschool and Primary School Teachers Training».

The main disciplines taught by the Chair members:

  • Theory and Methods of Education.
  • Preschool Pedagogics.
  • Methods of Teaching Mathematics.
  • Pedagogical Techniques in Primary School.
  • Techniques of Teaching «Man and the World».
  • Basics of Pedagogical Skills.
  • Preschool Ethnopedagogics.
  • Theory and Methods of the Formation of Elementary Mathematical Concepts.
  • Sociology of Education.
  • Leisure Time Management.
  • Methodological Guidance of the Formation of Speech Competence of Preschoolers etc.

The Chair involves the students of the Institute of Pedagogics in research work in different areas of Preschool and Primary School Education.

On the Regional Level, the Chair cooperates with:

  • Zhytomyr Elementary School # 49.
  • Zhytomyr Elementary School # 55.
  • Zhytomyr Elementary School # 66.
  • Zhytomyr Elementary School # 70.
  • Zhytomyr Elementary School # 73.
  • Zhytomyr Elementary School # 65.
  • Zhytomyr Elementary School # 11.
  • Zhytomyr Elementary School # 38.
  • Zhytomyr City Gymnasium # 3.
  • Zhytomyr City Gymnasium # 23.
  • Zhytomyr City Lyceum # 25.
  • Zhytomyr City Lyceum # 24.
  • Zhytomyr City School # 21.
  • Zhytomyr City School # 30.
  • Zhytomyr City School # 6.
  • Zhytomyr City School # 33.
  • Zhytomyr Specialized School # 12.

On the National Level, the Chair cooperates with:

  • Lviv scientific-research centre of Professional Education of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian Children’s Center «Young Guard».
  • The Institute of Postgraduate Education.

On the International Level:

  • Vitebsk State University (Belorussia).
  • Voronezh State University (Russia).

There are seven student research societies and pedagogical club «Poshuk» (The Research), involving 75 students.

Students research societies:

  1. «Preventive Activities of Preschool Teachers with Children by Means of Theatrical activity». (Supervisor Tarnavska N. P., the Candidate of Science, Associated Professor).
  2. «The System of work of the Educator in the Process of Organization of Moral Education of Preschool Children (Supervisors Maksimova O. O. and Fedorova M. A., the Candidates of Sciences, Associated Professors).
  3. «The Techniques of Moral Education of Primary School Children» (Supervisor Basiuk N. A., the Candidate of Science, Associated Professor).
  4. «Socio-educational Techniques of Educational Work» (Supervisor Huzhanova T. S., the Candidate of Sciences, Assosiated Professor).
  5. «The Innovative Techniques of Teaching Mathematics in Primary School» (Supervisor Rudnytska N. Y., the Candidate of Science, Associated Professor).
  6. «The Humanistic Education of Primary School Children» (Supervisor Moskvina T. P. the Candidate of Science, Associated Professor).
  7. «The Technology of Planning and Implementation of Pedagogical Innovations» (Supervisor Konovalchuk I. I., the Candidate of Sciences, Associated Professor).

The Results of the work of the student are presented on the international, Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences.