Department of Pedagogy

The Department of Pedagogy was established in 1929 based on cyclic commission of socio-economic disciplines. Since 1944, the Department was called the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, and since 1983 — Pedagogy. Since August 2009 the department is headed by Doctor of Education, Professor O. E. Antonova.

Today the department has 14 teachers, professors O. E. Antonova, O. A. Dubasenyuk, M. V. Levkovsky, S. S. Vitvytska, N. G. Sydorchuk; associate professors, candidates of pedagogical sciences A. S. Berezyuk, V. A. Kovalchuk, V. M. Eremeeva, O. M. Boreyko, A. M. Vlasenko, N. M. Myronchuk, V. V. Pavlenko, Senior Lecturer Y. Y. Agapov, assistants N. P. Biruk, I. V. Nowicki and a group of part-time lecturers.

Lecturers carried out five complex research topics:

  • «Theoretical and methodological foundations for the development of scientific and pedagogical support for gifted people» (State registration number 0110U002112), works supervisor — Doctor of Education, Professor Antonova O. E.)
  • «Formation of professional competence of future teachers in terms of European integration» (State registration number 0110U002110), Advisor — Doctor of Education, Professor Dubasenyuk O. A.);
  • «Professional training in terms of level education» (State registration number 0110U002274), Advisor — Doctor of Education, Professor Vitvytska S. S.);
  • «The formation and development of education in different historical periods» (State registration number 0110U002112), supervisor — Doctor of Education, Professor Levkovsky M. V.);
  • «The moral and ethical principles of forming a growing personality» (State registration number 0110U002109), supervisor — Doctor of Education, Associate Professor A. S. Berezyuk).

At the Department of Education conducts postgraduate and doctoral studies. Graduate opened in September 1993 in specialties 13.00.01 — «Theory and History of Education», and in November 1999, specialties — 13.00.07 — «Theory and Methods» and 13.00.04 — «Theory and Methods of Professional Education». Since December 2003 such doctoral specialties as 13.00.04 — «Theory and Methods of Professional Education» and 13.00.01 — «Theory and History of Education» have been opened at the Department of Education.

For the last years a number of theses for the degree of Doctor of Pedagogy (M. V. Levkovsky, O. A. Dubasenyuk, O. E. Antonova, S. S. Vitvytska, N. G. Sydorchuk) has increased and over twenty got scientific degree of pedagogical sciences. Today, a postgraduate student at the Department of Education trains 40 graduate students (2 — 13.00.01; 36 — specialty 13.00.04 2 — specialty 13.00.07) and 8 candidates degrees (1 — 13.00.01, 7 — specialty 13.00.04 ). Among them we find more and more teachers, representatives of the leadership of the region and city education field.

Since 2004, a specialized council for the thesis for the degree of doctor and candidate of pedagogical sciences are established. Over the years the specialized council conducted more than 170 defense, including 10 PhD, preparing to defend another 2 doctoral dissertations.

4 operating schools were opened within the department:

  1. «Vocational and educational training of future teachers». Supervisor: Doctor of Education, Professor of Education, member of the International Academy of the acmeological Sciences (m. St. Petersburg, Russia) Dubasenyuk Olexandra Antonivna.
  2. «Pedagogical aspects of talent». Supervisor: Doctor of Education, professor, corresponding member of the International Academy of Sciences acmeological (m. St. Petersburg, Russia) Olena Antonova;
  3. «Master training to educational activities». Supervisor: Doctor of Education, Professor Svetlana Vitvytska;
  4. «The formation and development of pedagogical study in Right-Bank Ukraine (XIX — XX c.)». Supervisor: Doctor of Education, Professor Mikhail Levkovsky.

As part of research schools there are 2 scientific and methodological Laboratory:

  1. Research Laboratory
  2. Scientific and methodological center

Interdepartmental laboratory at the Institute of Teacher Education and Adult Education NAPS Ukraine, Zhytomyr State University named after Ivan Franko (by mutual agreement):

  • Research laboratory of «teacher training students of Master» (supervisor: Professor, Ph.D., Vitvytska Svetlana);
  • Research laboratory of «educative system Polesie» (supervisor: Associate Professor, Ph.D., Helen Berezyuk Stanislavovna);
  • Research Laboratory acmeology Education (supervisor: Associate Professor, Ph.D., corresponding member of the International Academy of the acmeological Sciences (m. St. Peterbur, Russia) Sydorchuk Ninel Herandivna);
  • Research and Methodological Center work with gifted students’ (Director: Doctor of Education, Professor. Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Sciences acmeological (m. St. Peterbur, Russia) Olena Antonova);
  • Poliskyi Innovation Center of Education and Development (supervisor: Candidate of Science Kosciuszko Yuri);
  • Interdepartmental laboratory «Civic personal development of professionals» (Coordinators: Doctor of Education, Professor L. B. Lukyanov, Candidate of Science Voznyuk O. V.);
  • Interdepartmental laboratory «Theory and Practice of training for teachers for pedagogical action» (Coordinators: Doctor of Education Soldatenko M. M., Ph.D., Associate Professor I. I. Konovalchuk).

Various creative and educational systems that contribute to the development of creative potential and professional competence of future teachers were created on the bases of scientific schools as the most important trend in Zhytomir called «vocational teacher training future teachers». Sets include interagency research laboratories, scientific center, methodological laboratory whose purpose is to assist in personal and professional development of future teachers. In addition, facilities include developing personal and professional growth, development of research projects, advisory support of educational institutions of different levels of accreditation, acmeological accompaniment of teachers’ training. Complexes facilitate testing of the research at international and national conferences, scientific methods of cooperation and development of scientific methods of teaching process in secondary and higher education.

Under the guidance of leading teachers there are different subdivisions of scientific groups, Pedagogical club «Eureka», where future scientists explore different aspects of the history, theory and practice of teaching and participating in student scientific international, national and regional conferences.

Collections of scientific works of students are released annually, including Pedagogical education during European integration processes (collection of scientific and educational works of Master degree students from Zhytomyr State University named after Ivan Franko (edited by Professor Vitvytskoyi S. S. PhD in science, candidate of pedagogical PhD, Associate Professor H. M. Myronchuk), Students’ historical and pedagogical Almanac (edited by O. Antonova, V. Pavlenko), student collections of Educational and Research Institute of Philology and Journalism (Edited by Berezyuk O. S., O. Vlasenko) and others.

Different trainings, group learning, problem-searching, research methods and role-playing games are constantly added and actively implemented into the teaching process. Over the past few years teachers of the department are engaged in teaching pedagogical subjects module-credit system. Common methods of historical analysis, studying archival materials, teaching local history, rapid control of microteaching, different tests, papers, course works and dissertations.

Creative as well as experimental teaching methods were generalized and represented at the International Exhibition. Consequently, by participating in the international exhibition «Modern education — 2013» Zhytomyr State University named after Ivan Franko was awarded a gold medal in the category «The introduction of competence in the learning process as the basis for quality professional training of higher education» and a silver in the category «Management and scientific and methodical support of innovative development of modern educational institutions».

As part of the exhibition the department of pedagogy took part in conference devoted to the Development of creative potential in innovative educational environment. Additionally, on «The V International exhibition» of Modern educational establishments in 2014 the university won the Grand Prix «The leader of the scientific and technical activities».

Teachers and graduates participate in many international, national, sub-regional and regional scientific conferences on issues of pedagogy and practices that were held in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Voronezh (Russia), Warsaw, Krakow (Poland), Olomouc (Czech Republic), Kyiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, Chernivtsi, Luhansk, Poltava, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kirovohrad, Rivne and others.

Department of Education regularly keeps taps with various types of educational institutions. Active cooperation with regional educational lyceum, humanitarian gymnasium № 23 in Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education, where teachers of the department cooperate with each other and share experience.

Leading academics of Department of Pedagogy assist educational institutions in training graduate students and undergraduates of Zhytomyr University of Technology, University of Agriculture and Ecology of Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr Institute of Nursing, Zhytomyr Military Institute named after S. Korolev, Zhitomir police school, Zhytomyr College of Culture and Arts named after Ogienko and others. The department also provided advice on scientific and technical work to different categories of teachers.

The staff of the department published over 1,000 scientific publications of different levels, a number of teaching aids and monographs.

Each year, teachers of the department publish more than 100 scientific works, including monographs, manuals, guidelines, instructions and training materials, collections of scientific papers and much more.

Scientists Education Department maintains international relations with the International Acmeological Academy (St. Petersburg).

International Academy of Pedagogical Education — MAPO (Moscow), Higher School of Pedagogy of the Polish Union of Teachers (Warsaw, Poland), Higher Vocational School (Ratsibor, Poland), Faculty of Education, University of. Olomouc (Czech Republic).

Teachers of the department work closely with scientists of the Institute of Education, Institute of Teacher Education and Adult Education, Institute for Gifted Child NAPS Ukraine: they held conferences, actively participate in staff development, scientific work.