Department of Labour Protection and Civil Safety

Department of Labour Protection was created in 2001. From 2010 to further improve the educational process of unification of methodology, content and forms of teaching on health, life safety and protection of health and safety department was reorganized into the Department of Labour Protection and Civil Security.

From inception to June 30, 2009 directed the Department Associate Professor, Candidate of Science Ruslan G. Andreychuk. From 1 July 2009 the department was headed by senior lecturer, candidate of Agricultural Sciences Azat Ovezmuhammedovych Annamuhammedov. Currently, the department consists of 7 professors, associate professor, candidate of agricultural sciences Azat Ovezmuhammedovych Annamuhammedov, Ph.D., associate Regina Efimovna Vasilyeva Larisa Semenets and Lyudmila Malinovski, Ph.D., senior lecturer Alla Meleshenko, PhD, assistant Natalia Ilkevych assistant Natalia V. Bukhanevych.

The main efforts of the Department are directed at further improvement of the educational process, improving methodological support disciplines, improve human resource capacity of teaching staff.

The main activities of the department of labor protection and civil security regulations are teaching disciplines «Safety», «Basic safety», «Labour protection in industry», «Civil Defense» and «Intellectual Property»; consultation on health and safety in order to prepare sections of the diploma works of bachelors, masters and specialists; creating educational materials; instructions on life safety, labor protection and so on.

Members of the department work on different areas of research, training future teachers to safe behavior of teenagers in after-hour activity; scientific justification laboratory practical course «Safety»; study of the conditions of educational practice of students; preparing future teachers to assessment of student achievements schools; environmental, radiation safety; influence of small doses of radiation on homeostasis animals. Teachers trained more than 100 scientific and educational works.

Faculty participating in the university, national and international scientific conferences, methodological and theoretical workshops the Training Centre for Civil Protection and Life Safety in Zhytomyr region.