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The Department of Physics was formed in 1948 and throughout its history was headed by:

1948-1956 – Ye. Karasyk, organized the process of teaching physics and created first laboratories;

1956-1960 – Assistant Professor, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) L. Bilous, founded the astronomical laboratory equipped with a powerful telescope;

1960-1966 – V. Sharenko, introduced modern methods of semiconductor research, fostered three PhDs at the department;

1967-1977 –  Professor  M. Tsilynko, elaborated and introduced into the training process original electronic measuring instruments to equip the laboratories for electricity and magnetic research, facilitated the creation of laboratories and lecture rooms for Physics classes;

1977-1986 – Assistant Professor, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) M. Mordovets, facilitated 4 government order research projects to be carried out, and 2 PhD dissertations to be defended;

1986-1993 –  Professor, PhD (physics and mathematics) I. Kucheruk, author of "General physics" tutorial (in three volumes) and "The collection of exercises in physics", enabled the renovation of the department’s laboratories.

Since 1993 the Department of Physics has been headed by Assistant Professor, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) O. Tkachenko. This period of time saw the renovation of department laboratories and creation of new ones, the successful viva of two PhD dissertations. Ten graduates of the School of Physics and Mathematics have taken the postgraduate course, methods of teaching physics and astronomy have been improved, up-to-date computer technologies have been introduced into the training process.

The department staff authored a number of tutorials and handbooks, certified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

1) Tsilynko M. H. " Homemade electronic devices " – Zhytomyr, 1993;

2) Kucheruk I. M. "General physics" – 3 volumes. - Zhytomyr, 1999;

3) Mysechko Ye. M. "Tests in physics for pupils of 7th-9th grades" – Zhytomyr, 2000;

4) Mysechko Ye. M. "Tests in physics for pupils of 10th-11th grades " – Zhytomyr, 2000;

5) Tkachenko O. K., Fedkovych M. V. "Tutorial on school physics experiment" – 2 volumes. – Zhytomyr, 2004;

6) Tkachenko O. K., Fedkovych M. V., Demydiuk O. V. "Innovative physics classes at school" - 2008;

7) Tkachenko O. K., Rudnitskyi V. L. "Physics in literature" – 2010.  These tutorials have classification of the.

Today the department staff consists of 8 lecturers: 3 assistant professors, 2 PhD (Physics and Mathematics) and 4postgraduate students.

8 postgraduates majoring in "Physics" speciality after their successful viva work as professors and researchers in USA (3), Canada (1), England (1), Germany (1), Poland (1), Czech Republic (1).

The Department of Physics provides training of bachelors, specialists and masters majoring in "Physics and mathematics" and "Physics and computer science". Besides, it certifies the teachers of physics and mathematics, mathematics and physics, physics and computer science.

The courses, the department provides instruction in, are: physics, methods of teaching physics, fundamentals of technical design, special workshop in physics.

The department staff have assisted the creation of 8 laboratories and study rooms, namely those of mechanics, molecular physics, electricity, optics, quantum physics, methods of teaching physics, special workshop in physics, the basics of technical design, and information technology.

By order 27 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine the educational and scientific industrial complex was created on January, 17 2004, which has functioned since as the joint project of ZSU and Zhytomyr Open Joint Stock Company "Electrovymiriuvach". The complex deals with the development and production of new training equipment, and has already produced the following tools and devices: "Inlaid box "Schoolchild", "Electronics", both equipped with "Power supply 43008-u"; microcoulometer, miliwebermeter, pikofaradmeter and other.  The tools and devices have been approved for use in educational establishments of Ukraine (protocol 1 of September 03, 2008) and according to the procedure established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine a certificate of recognition of conformity with the requirements of teaching norms and regulations was issued ( 796 of October 11, 2007).

In 2006-2009 at the exhibition "Modern education in Ukraine" ZSU was awarded bronze, silver and golden medals for "Introduction of the achievements of the pedagogical science into education process". Zhytomyr Open Joint Stock Company "Electrovymiriuvach" was awarded bronze medals for "Creation of modern instruments of teaching". The department lecturers M. Tsilynko and M. Prokopenko were awarded diplomas for personal creative contribution into student training and education.

The department staff created complexes for conducting physical experiments and laboratory works on electricity and magnetic and got three patents for utility models, which resulted in the supply of the equipment under contracts, amounting to 2 mln. UAH.

The staff have developed training guidelines for all courses they provide training in. The European credit system has been introduced in student training and assessing, extensive use is made of computer technologies, which are being integrated into the training process, the use of electronic manuals actively implemented.

The department supervises training of teachers and students in the “Intel@ Education For Future” program.  Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine awarded ZSU among other six Ukrainian universities the diploma for the active promotion of information technologies in education and implementation of the "Intel@ Education For Future" program in higher education of Ukraine.

Department’s PhD dissertations

1)      Stepanchykov D. A. "Polarization properties of bacteriorhodopsin picture transformation for nonlinear spatial light modulation" (2005).

2)      Zinovchuk A. V. "The effect of current concentration on the behavior of the electron-hole plasma in multilayer light-emitting structures" (2009).

Student research groups

1)      Physics of semiconductors and liquid crystals.

2)      Methods of teaching physics in schools and higher educational establishments.

The Department of Physics hosts the III regional stage of All-Ukrainian Pupil Competition in physics, and the II regional stage of the Minor Academy of Science competition in physics.

Department reseach

The areas of the department research are: “Improvement of teaching methods in physics and astronomy in schools and higher educational establishments"; "Obtaining of liquid crystals and study of their physical properties".