Department of Algebra and Geometry

Department of Algebra and Geometry was inaugurated on August 16, 2013 (Order No. 317 on July 10, 2013).

In 2013 the department was headed by Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Professor Vasily Vasyliovych Mihailenko. Since 2018 the head of the department is Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Associate Professor Anatoliy Pogorui. The academic staff of the department consists of 9 highly trained specialists with a great length of pedagogic service, including 2 Doctors of Science and 6 Candidates of Science (PhD).

The mission of the Department is to provide high-quality education of professional mathematical courses for bachelor’s degree and master’s degree of the following specialties: 111 Mathematics and 014.04 Secondary education (Mathematics), 014.08 Secondary education (Physics), 014.09 Secondary education (Computer science), 112 Statistics, 015.10 Professional education (computer technologies), individual mathematical courses for the Faculty of Natural Science and the Faculty of Psychology.

Teachers of Department of Algebra and Geometry are actively engaged in research work within the scientific areas: “Actual problems of modern mathematics” and “Improvement of the basic training of future specialists in the physical and mathematical faculty”. The area of scientific interests of Dr. A. Pogorui are Random evolutions in Markov and Semi-Markov environments, Hypercomplex analysis and its application; Dr. A. Franovskiy introduces the use of information and communication technologies in the study of mathematical disciplines; Among the research interests of Prof. Lenchuk are questions of geometry as a system of knowledge about spatial forms and geometric relations based on a constructive approach. Dr. O. Korolyuk develops theoretical and methodical principles of professional training of future mathematics teachers in conditions of graduate education; Dr. O. Chemerys investigates the methodical aspects of qualitative study of Geometry for students of Physics and Mathematics Faculty on various educational-qualification levels; raising the level of professional training of future teachers of mathematics belongs to the range of scientific researches of Dr. O. Fonaryk; Dr. A. Prus develops methods of mathematical education; Lecturer Z. P. Polishchuk introduces a differentiated training of the future teacher in the teaching of elementary mathematics in higher educational institutions; Dr. O. Tolstova studies theoretical and methodical principles of professional training for students of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics with different educational and qualification levels.

Department staff are actively engaged in scientific work with students. On the basis of the department there are 9 problem groups of students: The scientific seminar “Usage of information and communication technologies in the educational process of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics” led by Dr. A. Frannovskiy.

Results of students’ scientific work are presented in the form of reports at conferences. Students gave lectures at scientific and methodological seminars of the Physics and Mathematics faculty and published their studies at scientific journals. Thus, in 2013-2019, about a hundred students published their results, which present the scientific research conducted under the supervision of teachers of Department of Algebra and Geometry.

The main purpose of the scientific and methodical seminar of the department is to initiate scientific research of students in the field of mathematics and its application, and to increase the efficiency of professional training of future mathematics teachers with widespread dissemination and implementation of scientific results.

According to research results, faculty teachers publish scientific papers, monographs, textbooks and manuals, and develop methodological manuals and recommendations to the disciplines of the department.

Teachers of the Department take part in foreign, international, all-Ukrainian and regional scientific conferences.