Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Educational Institutions Management

The department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Educational Institutions Management was created in 2006 aiming to provide psychological, pedagogical, socio-pedagogical training of the students getting the second higher education at the Centre of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Training. Since 2006 the department has been headed by Shanskova Tetyana Ihorivna, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor.

In 2012 the Centre of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Training opened a new specialty: “Educational Institutions Management”, where the teachers of the department train the competent managers to introduce the public educational policy, the strategic planning of educational establishment activity, the application of information technologies in education management, educational projects management, predicting and solving the conflicts in educational institutions.

The teachers of the department have worked out the courseware for specialties “Psychology”, “Social Pedagogy”, “Educational Establishment Management”, other psychological and pedagogical subjects taking into account the specific features of teaching adults, age and psychological characteristics of an adult person, his/her motivation to get the second higher education.

The main directions of department activity are the following:

  • to initiate the specialists with higher education to continue studies to get a Master or the second degree;
  • to develop and introduce the optimal methods and techniques of teaching adults, directed to meet their individual educational needs of self-development and self-perfection;
  • to increase the scientific capability of the department;
  • to establish cooperation with higher educational institutions giving the second higher education and training the educational establishments management, as well as with state and public institutions carrying out social and pedagogical activity.

The teachers of the department take active part in arranging and running all-Ukrainian conferences. The following conferences for “Educational Establishments Management” master students are held annually:

  • Regional research and practical conference “Resource approach in educational establishments management” (2013);
  • All-Ukrainian research and practical conference “Innovative approach in educational establishments management” (2014);
  • All-Ukrainian research and practical conference “Scientific approaches in educational establishments management” (2015);
  • All-Ukrainian research and practical conference “Theoretical and methodical principles of professional training of heads of educational institutions” (2016);
  • All-Ukrainian research and practical conference “Management of innovation of educational institution” (2017).

The main results of the conference are reflected in the collections materials.

The department runs:

  • the scientific research laboratory “Polissya school of andragogics” (head — T. Shanskova), the tasks of which are: the study, distribution and approbation of domestic and foreign experience of adults education according to the needs of the Polissya region; the study and formation of directions, forms and functions of educational activity of adults at the level of basic and additional professional education and self-education; the development and embodiment of innovative projects of adults professional education.
  • Polissya innovative education and development centre (head — Yu. Kostyushko), the purpose of which is to co-ordinate the research in the sphere of education/development innovative technologies and their embodiment in functioning of educational structures.

The department of pedagogic, psychology and educational establishments management, actively co-operates with the following partners:

  • The National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (State Higher Educational Establishment) “The University of Management”;
  • The National Antarctic Scientific Centre of the State Agency for Science, Innovations and IT development of Ukraine;
  • The Institute for Education Problems of National Academic of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine, the laboratory of preschool education;
  • Poltava National Pedagogical University named after V. Korolenko, the department of pedagogical excellence and management;
  • Municipal establishment “Kharkiv Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy” of the Kharkiv regional council;
  • Ternopil Regional Municipal Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, the department of method of teaching and educational management;
  • West European National University named after Lesya Ukrainka.