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The Intercultural Tolerance Centre of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University

Ëŕ­Ó┐Ý˝ŘŕÓ VKontakte Polski
The Intercultural Tolerance Centre of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University

The Intercultural Tolerance Centre was opened on the 27th of January in 2012. This is a university wide structure under the Student’s Social Service for the Youth of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University. The centre was created aimed at the theoretical substantiation, experimental control, approbation and promotion of scientific-methodical, enlightening programmes on the issues of intercultural tolerance and etc. The chief of the Intercultural Tolerance Centre is Pal’ko Inna Mykolayivna (a teaching fellow of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Pedagogical Excellence).

Main directions of the Centre’s activities are: the coordination of programmes on the issues of intercultural tolerance in the social-pedagogical and interdisciplinary researches; the establishment of informational resources for the experience promotion on the results of the Centre’s work; the popularization of Centre’s ideas and scientific achievements in the mass-media and Internet; the university teachers and students’ engagement into the scientific-research activity; the collaboration with scientific centres, youth movements, national and cultural communities, that unite the representatives of national minorities and etc.; consulting on the scientific-practical issues concerning the realization of intercultural tolerance ideas; pupils, students’ engagement into civil initiatives and participation in the scientific research activity of the Centre. The Intercultural Tolerance School, debating video club, Social Interactive «Life Theatre» function within the Centre.

Since its establishment the Department of Social Pedagogy and Pedagogical Excellence of Social Psychological Faculty of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University, Zhytomyr Regional Association of Experts in Social Sphere with the assistance of American Association of Lawyers, Initiative on the Law Supremacy (ABA/ROLI) such projects have been implemented: «The Tolerance Formation Concerning Representatives of Ethnical and National Minorities by Means of Student Youth Enlightenment» (2010-2011) and «To the Tolerant Society Through Informational-Educational Campaigns for Student Youth» (2011-2012). The work of Intercultural Tolerance Centre of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University is represented on the scholarship programme for the world scientists on the issue of Holocaust History and Tolerance Formation (the 2-9th December 2012, ▓srael, the Programme of UN Academic Activity, UN ▓nformational Publicity Programme) by a lecturer of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Pedagogical Excellence, a candidate of pedagogical sciences Nadiya Pavlyk.

The common aim of the Intercultural Tolerance Centre is achieved by different types of activities, realized in the following pilot projects:

  • the special course «Bases of Intercultural Tolerance» (36 hours) was implemented aimed at the quality improvement of future specialists’ preparation in the sphere of Social Pedagogy owing to the theoretical-methodical knowledge on the Tolerant Pedagogy acquisition (2011/2012 academic year);
  • informational-educational campaigns in the higher educational establishments in Zhytomyr were performed, including the discussion on the completion of viewing the interactive performance of the Social-Interactive «Life Theatre» on the topic of the intercultural tolerance and discrimination counteraction within the national minorities (2011/2012 academic year);
  • the contest on the best student’s essay «I am in the Intercultural Society» was carried through (80 essays were submitted for the jury’s consideration (2012), the results of the essay contest, final reports of the realized projects and perspectives for the Centre’s future work were presented on the Panel Discussion «To the Society’s Tolerance Through the Non-Formal Youth Education» (2012) featuring the representatives of the university centres, cultural-historical communities, public authorities and etc.;
  • the educational training programme within the work of Intercultural Tolerance School — «Intercultural Tolerance Formation Through the Non-Formal Students’ Education» is systematically held;
  • meetings of the debating video club are regularly held aimed at establishing the effective and active dialogue on the issues of tolerance in the Ukrainian society and also the work on the debating programme «Free to Choose» is carried out;
  • the master-class «Forum-Theatre» as the Method of the Interactive Work on the Intercultural Tolerance Formation’’ (the essence of which is in the search of problem solving and coming out of the tangled situation within the performance with the participants), and also «Live Library» (a cultural educational event, the conception of which was adjusted by the Representation of the International Organization Migration in Ukraine, proposed by the Dutch social non-governmental organization «Stop the Violence» (2000), presenting the human relation to the idea of multi-civility, promoting the communication between people, originating from different social ethnical contexts; popularization of cultural diversity, and also the preventative measures of racism and xenophobia) are regularly held;
  • the topic of intercultural tolerance and counteraction to all forms of discrimination is presented in creative achievements of the Social-Interactive «Life Theatre», the performances of which are directed on the attracting the attention of audience to the issues of negative phenomena, choosing the focus on the healthy way of life, the development of youth creative potential and volunteerism, issues of forming the intercultural tolerance, in particular. For instance, the publicist performance «I Don’t Love... or ...» is staged, which has become the winner of the IV Local Festival of interactive theatres «We Choose the Future», 27-28 April 2011, and within the informational-educational campaign the performance has become of great interest in the higher educational establishments of Zhytomyr. The work on this topic is being continued in the interactive performance «Ďriangle» (2012), having attracted the attention to the topic of terrorism and complications with breaking the violence circle, which has the growing tendency; in the performance «Why Do I Love Ukraine? Is it Worth the Sacred Fire?», dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko’s Birthday (2014), updating events in Ukraine of autumn-winter 2013/2014 academic year., projecting texts by T. G. Shevchenko on the today’s historical picture; musical performance «The Main Thing, that We Stick Together... The Main Thing, We Exist...» (2014), portraying human destinies through the prism of war and etc.;
  • the Centre in the collaboration with the Social-Interactive «Life Theatre» of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University with the support of Culture Department of Zhytomyr Regional Administration, Department of Education and Science of Zhytomyr Regional Administration, Department of Family, Youth and Sports of Zhytomyr Regional Administration, Zhytomyr Regional Centre «Association of Labour Youth Unions in Ukraine» became the pioneer of the First Regional Festival of Interactive Theatres «Objective», taking place in Zhytomyr Regional S. Richter Philharmonicˇ (24.04.2013), where the burning issues of discrimination counteraction and tolerance formation were presented.

Nowadays, the Intercultural Tolerance Centre of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University joined to the National committee campaign «No Hate Speech Movement» included into the All-European campaign «No Hate Speech Movement» in Ukraine, aimed at the collaboration in different directions, in particular enlightening, educational, intercessory, on-line activity and etc. Besides, representatives of the Centre became the participants of Euro tour within the campaign «No Hate Speech Movement» (╩yiv — Uzhgorod (Ukraine) — Budapest (Hungary) — Bratislava (Slovakia) — Wien (Austria) — Stuttgart (Germany) — Strasburg (France) — Kreuzlingen (Switzerland) — Prague (Czech) — Krakow (Poland) — ╩yiv) (17-27 August 2014).

The subject matter concerning the studying of human rights, cross-cultural understanding, conflicts solving, discrimination counteraction and intercultural tolerance formation is reflected in the undergraduate, bachelor, master’s theses; the experience, obtained in the project work, is implemented in the methodical recommendations «Methodology of Students’ Non-Formal Education Organization on the Issues of Intercultural Tolerance» (developers are Pal’ko ▓., Myshkivs’ka V.) and the methodical manual «Assistance to the Victims of Xenophobia, Racial and Ethnical Discrimination» (Myshkivs’ka V.). The thesis research on the issue «Future Social Teachers’ Intercultural Tolerance in the Process of Professional Preparation» (Pal’ko I.) is carried out. Besides, the core group and volunteers of the Centre are active participants and organizers of seminars and trainings on the mentioned subject matter; results of scientific researches are presented on the All-Ukrainian exhibition, International, All-Ukrainian and regional conferences etc.

The Intercultural Tolerance Centre’s work experience was presented on the All-Ukrainian exhibition «Modern Education in Ukraine» in 2012, and the chief of the Centre was awarded with the honorary diploma of the Third International Exhibition «Modern Educational Institutions — 2012» for the productive scientific-pedagogical work on the innovative educational modernization, and in 2014 she was invited as a participant of the round table «The Work of Higher Educational Establishments on the Students’ Civil Culture Formation», which was held on the basis of the Fifth International Exhibition «Modern Educational Institutions — 2014», with the report «Non-Formal Education Organization Methodology on the Students’ Intercultural Tolerance Formation (on the Example of the Intercultural Tolerance Centre of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University work)».

The Intercultural Tolerance Centre’s work has the positive impact for the increase of intercultural tolerance and respect of human dignity and human rights. Citizens should have the minimum knowledge about ideals and values, making the basis of the democratic political culture, including the understanding of the meaning concerning human rights, their adherence in the daily routine practice, the acquirement of the society’s construction and its institutions, the skill of taking part in the social life. Human rights, intercultural understanding, tolerance and conflicts solving are not axiologically neutral. Conversely: the aim is to influence on a «human as the value» and form the relationship, which is in the harmony with views on the human value and equality of all people. When we acquire this understanding, we perceive the world as it is, and we see the world as it may be!