Center of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Tutorial

The Center for Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Tutorial is one of the youngest departments in Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University, which carries out organizational activities related to pre-university and postgraduate education.

It was founded on the 12th of September 2003 and was entitled “The Institute of Postgraduate Education of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University”. Further, as a result of the reorganization of this Institute, the Faculty of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Tutorial was established on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of the University (protocol № 1 from “05” September 2008), due to the Rector’s order of “11” September 2008 № 150—к. On 26 October 2012 the Faculty was renamed the Center of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Tutorial on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of the University (protocol № 3 of “26” October 2012) due to the Rector’s order № 381 of “26” October 2012.

The main activities of the Center of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Tutorial are:

  • pre-university tutorial;
  • postgraduate education (retraining);
  • work with foreign citizens to prepare them for admission to higher education institutions of Ukraine.

Pre-University Tutorial

At the University, starting from May 2018, the provision of educational services to students of different ages and different interests has been introduced. Almost all departments of the university are involved. The main areas of course preparation are a variety of courses, clubs and activities, including:

  • Express course “Preparing a child for school”

    Children aged 5-7 study here 2 times a week. Complex classes in Mathematics, Reading and Writing are held. We have an atmosphere of knowledge and development, which creates ideal conditions for preschool training and diverse development of your child! Trust your children to a professional teacher and learn with results!

  • Educational event “Rainbow Country”

    Since 2018, teachers of the Department of Preschool Education and Pedagogical Innovations have organized an event in the field of education “Rainbow Country” for children of Zhytomyr aged 6 to 11 years. In the program of “Rainbow Country” are interesting actions, walks, excursions, sports entertainments, quests, quizzes, competitions, developmental employment, thematic days and different workshops. Children have the opportunity to make new friends, learn a lot of interesting things and spend a meaningful vacation.

  • Fine Arts Club

    In the classes, the pupils of the club realize their creative potential, develop associative and spatial thinking, imagination, fantasy, memory and artistic taste and learn to draw.

  • Courses on preparation for External Independent evaluation of citizens of Ukraine.

    Thorough preparation for testing, systematic presentation of material, experience and professionalism of teachers, well-designed programs in all disciplines — these are the principles of preparation for external evaluation courses at the Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University. Students are trained in the following disciplines: Ukrainian Language, Ukrainian Literature, History of Ukraine, Foreign languages, Geography, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics. All course materials are fully consistent with current programs and structures of external evaluation.

  • Language courses

    Language training courses offer English, German and Polish language studies, in particular: “Intensive English for Children”, “Intensive English for Students”, “Your English self”, “English for International Communication”, “Intensive English Course for preparation for passing the international exam”, "German for beginners (A1)","Conversational German (A2-B1)“, “Intensive Polish language course”. Training courses are carried out according to modern intensive methods, which allow improving the knowledge of a foreign language in the required amount in a short time. Students master a level of knowledge that will provide the necessary communication skills in the areas of everyday, professional and situational communication in oral and written forms, as well as for further study abroad.

Postgraduate education

  • Advanced training of pedagogical and academic staff

    The purpose of advanced training courses is to improve the educational level and professional training of teachers due to the deepening, expansion and updating of general scientific and special knowledge and skills. The main principles of the lecturers are a variety of the latest methods of teaching the material, focusing on the demands and challenges of modern education. Courses are based on advanced training programs. After passing the courses, a “Certificate of Advanced Training” of the state standard is issued. We value our listeners and pay great attention to their needs and wishes.

  • Seminars and trainings

Work with foreign citizens to prepare them for admission to higher education institutions of Ukraine

Foreign students from different countries and continents study at Ivan Franko Zhytomyr State University.

The aim of preparing foreign citizens to enter the University is to study the Ukrainian language and special subjects at a level sufficient to continue their education in the main educational programs of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University or other universities of Ukraine.

In accordance with the aim the following tasks are solved:

  • formation of basic language skills in reading and grammar;
  • training in general education disciplines in accordance with the chosen profile;
  • adaptation of foreign citizens in the new social and cultural environment.

The center has created appropriate conditions for the acquisition of solid knowledge by foreign citizens: foreigners are provided with places in dormitories, training is carried out by highly qualified university teachers.

Also during the work of the Center there were various courses in the professional field:

  • Training and retraining of drivers of vehicles of category “B”;
  • “Fundamentals of therapeutic massage”;
  • “Hairdresser (hairdresser-fashion designer)”;
  • “Artistic manicure”.


Dik Victoriia

Position: Inspector of the Center for Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Tutorial.

The beginning of career at the university: January 2021.

Higher education: Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, specialty “Secondary education (Biology and human health)”.